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Big Shaq stars in world's first voicebot duet

COLLABORATION: Big Shaq teams up with Trainline

BIG SHAQ teams up with Trainline - Europe's leading independent train ticket retailer and train travel app - for a short film featuring the world’s first voicebot duet to celebrate Trainline’s voice app, built for the Google Assistant.

The film, available on YouTube and Trainline’s website, features a duet between the comedic rapper and Trainline’s voice app.

The Man’s Not Hot rap character goes head to head with Trainline’s voice app to highlight how the app can help to simplify people’s rail journey planning.

But it’s not just Big Shaq who gets to battle the bot. Anyone who fancies themselves as the nation’s next Skepta, Stormzy, or even Big Shaq himself, can easily find out if their rap skills are up to scratch. Simply play the video, access Trainline’s voice app through the Google Assistant and spit out some bars to the beat.

The behind-the-scenes style film shows how Big Shaq, fresh from a test session in a recording studio, goes about planning his journey home. He opens the Google Assistant and says “OK Google, talk to Trainline” to activate the voice app, only to be greeted with a rapping voicebot who answers all his questions freestyle, resulting in a fun rap duet which leaves Big Shaq satisfied he has all the information he needs to have a successful journey.

“Check this. Is there time for a game of Tetris? But yo, I need more info before I hit the road,” Big Shaq raps to Trainline’s voice app about his intended destination, “This train to Margate, what time does it go?” The voice app duly raps back, “6:20 from platform 3. Is there anything else you would like from me?” showcasing the real-time updates that make Big Shaq choose to use the app in the first place.

Speaking about the new app functionality and the partnership, David Slocombe, Product Director at Trainline said: “In the world’s first rap duet between a rapper and a Voicebot, Big Shaq put Trainline’s voice app through its paces but it was more than up to the challenge! Trainline’s voice app is a great example of our mission to use smarter technologies to make travel simpler and more hassle-free.”

View the video below:

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