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Blac Chyna backlash over $250 skin lightening cream promo

PICTURED: Blac Chyna

BLAC CHYNA has come under fire from fans and critics alike after she began promoting a skin lightening cream on social media.

The reality TV star revealed her partnership with skin lightening brand Whitenicious on Instagram.

She invited her Instagram followers in Lagos, Nigeria, to come along to the launch of her Whitenicious collection, which includes what the brand describes as an “illuminating and lightening” cream that retails for $250 (£195) a jar.

The jar of the cream is decorated with real Swarovski crystals.

The location of the launch, Nigeria, is particularly significant as the country has been identified as the home of the world’s highest rate of skin lightening product use among women.

Comments have been disabled underneath the Instagram posts on Whitenicious and underneath the post promoting the brand on Blac Chyna’s account.

But that hasn’t stopped fans and critics from expressing their reactions to the 30-year-old’s new venture.

One Twitter user said: “Blac Chyna is going to Lagos, Nigeria to promote a bleaching cream and I am honestly disgusted.”

Other commenters said they were not surprised by Blac Chyna’s actions.

One wrote on Twitter: “I really don’t understand why people expect more from Blac Chyna. This girl is gonna do whatever gets her a check.”

“Please this Blac Chyna thing is a new level of anti black! Honestly not surprised with her at all,” another said.

Despite blocking commenters from posting their reactions underneath the promotional post, Blac Chyna appears to be aware of the backlash the decision has provoked.

In subsequent posts on her Instagram page, Blac Chyna posted a doctored image of herself with the words: “Lil Chyna! The finesse kid!”

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