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Black actor arrested at gunpoint and 'racially profiled'

PICTURED: Darris Love (Photo credit: Wikpedia)

AMERICAN ACTOR Darris Love was taken into custody at gunpoint after being wrongly arrested as a suspected burglar last week.

The incident took place in a suburban shopping centre with his girlfriend when
Love says he was racially profiled while running through the mall to renew his parking validation.

At a news conference, the Hollywood actor told reporters: “The police were already behind me saying freeze before we blow your head off”.

“When you got 12 police officers coming at you with guns drawn and you freeze for a moment but then you have to realize if you do anything wrong, breathe wrong, look wrong – you could be dead.”

His attorney, Brian Dunn said his client was held for several hours despite having evidence that proved he was nowhere near the crime scene.

Dunn continued: “We are here because all of this happened simply because of the colour of his skin. It is about discrimination of justice and how there are two different standards.”

At the conference, they were joined by one of the national founders of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Melina Abdullah who said: “I just wanted to remind folks that it is not a crime to run through a parking lot.”

Love added: “Most people don't live to tell their story. I'm here to tell my story in the public eye, not behind bars and that is a miracle in itself.”

Following on from his experience, the actor has launched the campaign ‘I am not a suspect,’ which aims to “kill the negative stereotypes and negative narratives and perceptions of us.”

Both Love and his girlfriend plan on suing the sheriff's department on the grounds of false imprisonment and false arrest.

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