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Black adults ‘more likely to die from heart attacks’

CONCERN: There continues to be a higher risk for black adults (Destiny Man)

BLACK ADULTS are twice as likely to die from their first heart attack than their white counterparts, according to newly published research.

Findings published in the American Heart Association’s journal last week found that while white people suffer more heart attacks overall, fewer black people survive a cardiac event in the United States.

The team behind the research examined cardiac events in three major heart studies and found that in two of the studies, black adults aged between 45-64 had about twice the risk of fatal events compared with white people.

According to the research team, black people have a higher burden of unfavourable social determinants of health and cardiovascular risk factors due to things like biological differences and institutionalised differences in access to healthcare.

Senior author Dr. Monika Safford, one of the key researchers behind the findings, told reporters:

“These are not new findings, but it is disappointing that there continues to be a high risk of death for black people at the presentation of heart disease, especially because there is so much you can do if you are able to live through your first heart attack.”

Dr. Safford added:

“It is possible that black people might not be reaching out to doctors if the initial event is not recognised as a heart attack, though this study did not give that insight.”

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