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Black branding expert to deliver at LFW

PICTURED: Kubi Springer

LONDON BASED branding expert Kubi Springer, who has worked with the likes of L'Oreal, Nike, Justin Timberlake and more turns runway controller this weekend as she delivers a multi-designer showcase for London Fashion Week tomorrow.

Showcasing female designers from around the world, Her Runway will be held at Aston Martin, Mayfair in conjunction with Malaysian celebrity chef, Nisa Bakri who will provide the finest Malaysian canapés.

Talking to The Voice prior to the star studded event which will be followed by an after party at a secret London location, Springer said she was looking forward to executing another fabulous event.

Q: What were some of the unconventional elements of the show?

KS: I think when people come to a London Fashion Week show, it’s just a straight runway show and they see beautiful models showcasing the latest collection. This show is slightly different - we have fused fashion with music.

One of the brands is from Switzerland and they have a lingerie brand targeted at women of colour and as a result we have teamed up with Ballet Black and we have got ballet dancers on the runway to showcase the pieces along with runway models. So that is one example of something slightly different. We have an Iranian brand that will feature an Iranian dancer and we have a Tanzanian brand that does beautiful beaded, African-inspired wear and we have a singer coming out of an Aston Martin Car kicking off the show for that collection.

Q: Have you worked with LFF before in any capacity?

KS: It’s definitely not a first. I have been doing brand marketing for 22 years I have probably done about 15 or 16 London Fashion Weeks seasons. In terms of Fashion Week, I’ve kinda got the T-shirt. But Her Runway was created to bring about a space at London Fashion Week purely for female designers globally.

The industry as a whole, a lot of the designers are male. People don’t tend to notice because women’s fashion is such a big component of the fashion industry, but a lot of those designers are men. So this is a space strictly for female designers around the world.

Q: Your reputation as an international branding expert precedes you so I wonder, does it get easier as time goes by or does it get even more intense with each gig?

KS: I think each gig is different. If I think back to my early days when I worked with Puffy’s Sean John clothing line and the launch of Sean John on Fifth Avenue in New York, that was all new and fresh for me because I was a youngster, I was 21, out of university and it was my first fashion gig.

When I flip to now, having multiple designers coming out of Aston Martin’s, it’s not new to me but logistically it’s slightly different. There’s more to manage but the fun is the same, launching and propelling designers careers is something that I love doing whether its Puffy and Sean John or Mariah Carey with a new album or a emerging designer from Tanzania.

Q: You’re also a speaker, author and media personality. So away from being a branding expert, what’s the most enjoyable aspect of your life?

KS: Everything that I do is brand focused. So whether I am training people on how to build their brands, doing media talks about branding and the influence celebrities are having over brands and the retail sector, or whether it’s campaigns - everything is brand focused so we kinda tie it in that way. The most enjoyable part depends on the season, but I love it all, that’s the truth. I get paid to do what I love.

Q: What would constitute success for Kubi Springer?

KS: Success is the designers securing buyers and we’ve already got interest from buyers on the high street as well as online stores. That’s success because Her Runway is about economically empowering these designers and making sure that they are not just showcasing on the runway but able to sell product. That would be a success.

Q: What’s the worst-case scenario that you would want to avoid?

KS: I don’t think on the worst-case scenario’s because I think on solutions. I teach this all the time, the reality is something will go wrong, you’ve got to be solutions focused - things happen. This event is not just a show, we have a master class, there is a pop-up clinic with all of our designers and we’ll be selling clothes in Covent Garden throughout the whole of London Fashion Week.

Q: You’ve worked with wonderful brands in your time. What’s left on the bucket list and who would you love to work with next?

KS: I would love to work with Michelle Obama on some of the purpose driven brand activities that she is doing in the States, that would give me a lot of buzz. I would love to do some collaboration work with fashion and luxury with someone like the UN to look at how we can elevate women globally.

What we do at She Builds Brands is we bring the excitement to topics that people don’t always want to cover. We bring the fashion, we bring the luxury but we bring it to empower women and we bring it to brands that are trying to connect with female consumers.

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