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Black Brit finalist is changing the leadership conversation

FINALIST: Dennise Hilliman

DENNISE HILLIMAN has been made a finalist in this year's Black British Business Awards for her work linking businesses with schools – to the benefit of both sides – and her transformational leadership professional services to education.

The schoolchildren solve real-life industry issues, whilst receiving leadership skills. These powerful life tools can then be used to help themselves, their communities, and society as a whole.

During more than 25 years work in education, Dennise felt that school just didn't seem to be doing enough to prepare young people for life, and work.

To tackle this situation head-on, she developed The LEAD Curriculum – through which she delivers curriculum experiences in collaboration with multi-national companies, with the aim of empowering the young people attending the courses with techniques and understanding in self-knowledge, social literacy and creating a legacy.

The Black British Business Awards say they are 'the only premium awards programme that recognises, rewards and celebrates exceptional performance and outstanding achievements of black people in businesses operating in Great Britain.'

Within the Professional Services category, Dennise is one of three finalists vying for the BBBAward for Leader – which is set to be announced at an Awards Luncheon in London, on Thursday 19th October 2017.

She passionately believes that everyone has the power to be an example of inspiration every day – in short, to their own lives; within their own communities; and in whatever role they are in.

Her nomination for the award proves she is already a leader of note; but to actually receive the accolade itself on the 19th, would demonstrate an even greater appreciation of the life- changing work she is doing via The LEAD Curriculum.

Dennise said: “Anyone can bring about change by deciding on a better way of living, and influencing others to take action to create the better way. It simply requires knowledge, understanding, techniques and experience.”

She added: “Anyone can serve. This type of service leads to fulfilment and a new meaning to life and work.”

Courses delivered so far, include:

Growing My Offer – delivering empathy skills through app building (with IBM).

LEAD Make a Difference Day – leadership and financial literacy (with Lloyds Bank).

My Story My Offer – linking self-acceptance to writing a book (with award-winning authors).

As the course continues, they will each unearth a story from their past, which possibly didn't have the most positive of outcomes for them (it could have been that they fell off their bike whilst learning how to ride it, their sibling poked fun at them, or breaking their arm).

“The LEAD Curriculum mission, is to change the leadership conversation - from status and position, to influence and impact. We believe this shift in mindset about leadership will remove the barriers young people face when progressing from education into employment; and the skills needed to navigate life.”

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