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Black Business of the Day: Island Delight

PICTURED: Wade Lyn, managing director of Cleone Foods Limited

WADE LYN, managing director of Cleone Foods Limited, came to Britain from Jamaica to join his parents when he was seven years old. He helped in the family business, a service and petrol station, while still at school.

After graduating in 1986 with a BA in education, specialising in craft, design and technology, he was recruited as general manager for Kon-Long Caterers of Wolverhampton.

The company produced Jamaican patties, but frustrated by their failure to see the potential of their products in the mainstream market, he decided to leave and set up Cleone Foods Ltd in 1989.

Cleone Foods, manufacturers of Jamaican patties under the Island Delight brand, has experienced consistent growth and supplies the Island Delight brand to six of the major supermarkets, making it the largest manufacturer of Jamaican patties in the UK.

Wade is delighted to report that the company is rebranding all of its product ranges.

And in further news he also declared that Island Delight’s delicious range of ready meals are to be sold in Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

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