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Black business of the day: Nia Ballerina

POPULAR: Nia Ballerina

SHARON MCBEAN is the owner of UK-based company Nia Ballerina, a brand which designs musical jewellery boxes with black ballerinas.

“Nia Ballerina is inspired by my beautiful daughter and her love for ballet!” she says. “Following my frustration of not being able to nd a music box with a ballerina gurine that resembled my daughter I decided to create my own products.”

The boxes went on sale in August 2016, and are currently sold worldwide from the company website. The product range includes the Nia Ballerina Doll and the Nia Ballerina Rucksack. They are currently working on a series of books about Nia’s adventures.

"When the Nia Ballerina music boxes first launched, we were inundated with orders and struggled to keep up with the demand selling half of our total stock within the first week," says McBean.

"Luckily, we were able to reorder almost immediately after launching and now dispatch from the UK, and also direct from the USA via a fulfilment house. I never thought when I created this product for my own daughter there would be such a demand, however it shows that representations is important and that every ballerina deserves to see themselves when they open a music box."

"As a mother, I do feel proud that I have created a product and brand, Nia Ballerina for my daughter, which is inspiring her to follow her dream of being a ballerina!"

Nia Ballerina is the perfect gift, whatever the occasion, for any little ballerina!

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