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Black business of the day: Toothbuckle

ONE TO WATCH: Toothbuckle

TOOTHBUCKLE is a brand of travel products know for being hygienic, effective and reliable.

The Toothbuckle is made to work reliably in your everyday life. Scientifically tested LFGB silicone with embedded silver particles, benefits you in keeping germ growth away from your toothbrush. It's unique design encapsulates your toothbrush protecting your oral health.

Their products cover and protect your entire toothbrush like no other holder on the market - both at home and on the go.

The Toothbuckle holder is also fully customisable in a range of designs and you can even custom-brand it to represent your company!

Now available to buy in pink or blue, Toothbuckle is also easily identifiable.

Find out more about the brand on their website:

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