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Black church history explored in new play

MUST-SEE: Take Me Back

LONDON AUDIENCES are being given a final opportunity to see Angie Le Mar’s hit gospel musical Take Me Back when it begins its run at the Stockwell Playhouse, from December 4 to 15.

The play, gives an insight into the black church founded by the Caribbeans who migrated to the UK in the 1950s and 60s.

BBC Radio 2 Presenter Vanessa Feltz has described Take Me Back as Angie’s best play to date and numerous figures from the church world and UK gospel scene have given the production rave reviews.

It is Angie’s hope that Take Me Back strikes a chord with everyone in the black community, not just churchgoers.

She said: “Take Me Back is for everyone. A lot of people might think ‘oh, it’s a church play, it’s not for me’ or they don’t believe in God. This play is about real life, the Windrush Generation, their families, friendship and mother and daughter relationships.”

She added: “I have written many plays focusing on stories that people know and recognise and even though I grew up in the church, this isn’t just about the church. It’s about the black community, a generation that didn’t get to look at forgiveness.

“We don’t talk about forgiveness in our community enough and we don’t talk about restoration and coming together and healing and moving forward. There are things within the black community that we don’t like to discuss that this play touches on.”

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