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Black doctors paid thousands less than white colleagues

UNDERVALUED: Black NHS workers are earning thousands less than their white counterparts

BLACK MEDICAL professionals in the NHS are being paid around thousands of pounds less than their white colleagues.

Black doctors are paid on average around £10,000 a year less than their white peers, while black nurses are earning £2,700 less than their white colleagues, a study by NHS Digital has found.

The figures show that compared to their white counterparts, black female doctors earn £9,612 a year less, black male doctors £9,492 less, black female nurses and midwives £2,700 a year less and black male nurses and midwives £1,872 a year less.

Jo Swinson, the MP for East Dunbartonshire and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: “This ethnicity pay gap is shocking - even in the NHS with all the structured pay bands, black doctors and nurses are paid significantly less - need to extend gender pay gap reporting to cover other areas.”

The findings have prompted many to say the pay disparities are a result of racism.

Just last week, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the head of the British Medical Association and the first non-white doctor to take on the role, said that the NHS was “subconsciously racist”.

In an interview the The Telegraph, Nagpaul said that doctors from ethnic minority doctors were being routinely looked over for senior posts.

“BME doctors make up more than a third of the medical workforce and play a vital role, day in day out, delivering care to patients across the country. Yet these figures confirm that they, alongside wider NHS staff, continue to face unacceptable barriers, penalties and discrimination in the health service,” Nagpaul said.

He added: “It cannot be right that in 21st-century Britain there are such wide gaps in pay between white and BME doctors when, irrespective of their background, they hold positions to deliver the same care to patients.”

Research into the pay of black and minority ethnic (BME) consultants has found that they are paid around £4,600 less than their white counterparts.

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