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Black History Month and beyond in Scotland

LEST WE FORGET: A collage of black pioneers (image credit: Her Campus)

THE COALITION for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER), who have co-ordinated Glasgow’s Black History Month for the last 16 years as co-ordinators of Glasgow’s Black History Month events, have planned a bumper programme of events for this year’s period of remembrance and have ambitious plans for a permanent nod to black history.

CRER report that organisations in other cities and towns have also begun to realise the importance of using this time each year to focus on the contributions and experiences of black and minority ethnic people throughout centuries UK history. They also state, in despite of this progress:

“However, Scotland still lacks a coherent way of telling these stories; a meaningful and engaging platform through which education, curiosity and reflection on our past can be satisfied. Cities like Liverpool, London and Bristol have found a way to address this through dedicated spaces - museums, archives and learning centres. We think it’s time Scotland had a space to fulfil this need.

“After many years of discussion and debate with likeminded organisations and individuals, we’re ready to begin the momentous task of making the dream a reality. CRER is in the process of convening a steering group to kick-start this process.

“Our vision is that, within the next decade, Scotland will have its own museum of empire, slavery, colonialism and migration. Combining interactive exhibition spaces with an archive and learning centre, the educational benefits alone will be immeasurable. From early years education onwards, it’s essential that all young people have the chance to explore Scotland’s history in a truthful and representative way. This includes looking at the contributions of black and minority ethnic individuals and communities, as well as exploring Scotland’s role in imperialism and slavery.”

This months’s CRER Black History Month events include a screening of Hollywood film Get Out, an exhibition called The Black Minstrelsy in Scotland, The Great Black History Quiz Night and more.

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