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Black History Month site back up after ‘cyber-racism' hack

HACK: Patrick Vernon (pictured) says the attack on the black history website he edits was an act of cyber-racism

THE UK’S Black History Month website is back online after an apparent ‘cyber-racism’ attack.

The website was attacked by hackers twice in 24 hours, preventing visitors from accessing it at the start of Black History Month.

Campaigner Patrick Vernon, who is the editor of the website, said that the incident was an example of “cyber-racism” and marked the new frontline for the fight for equality and justice.

The online resource is a portal for black history, and related news and events.

Up until yesterday the website was inaccessible after a hacking on Monday, the first day of Black History Month.

Those who tried to access the site were met with the message: “The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

Vernon took to Twitter to apologise for the site being down for a second day yesterday.

He said it was as a result of a “massive orchestrated campaign by hackers to ensure that our content is not available".

On Twitter, Tobi Oredein, journalist and founder of online subscription site Black Ballad, said she had previously faced a similar attack on her own platform.

Oredein tweeted: “This has happened to be B.B [Black Ballad] days before re-launching in 2017. I remember calling Ronke Lawal in tears. This site is somebody’s work and possibly life’s work. You racists need help. Beyond disgusting to do this to a site that is trying to do good.”

Supporters conveyed their concern and encouragement on social media.

One said: “Our history won't be erased. Even more incentive make sure its represented beyond October. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work.”

When the site,, was accessible today, the third day of Black History Month, Vernon tweeted his appreciation.

He said: “Thanks for the messages of support and solidarity plus IT advice. We are now back online again with great content, event listings and features. Happy Black History Month.”

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