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Black Millenials on sexual harassment and objectification

EXPRESSION: The mini-doc from Word on the Curb gave participants a chance to share their experiences of men (image credit: YouTube/Word on the Curb)

"STORY-LED" marketing and creative consultancy Word on the Curb invited black women to YouTube's London studios to discuss on camera how they've been sexually approached by men.

One poignant comment from a contributor summarised the confidence-crushing cycle of some of these interactions:

“Black features in women are very much fetishised...but black women are rejected.”

Word on the Curb co-founder Ndu Uchea told The Voice:

"We hope that by producing and sharing this video, other women feel compelled
to open-up about their experiences, so that these issues aren’t just brushed under the carpet as a societal norm."

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW (CREDIT: YouTube/Word on the Curb):

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