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Black Panther cast and crew react to Oscar nominations

HISTORIC: Black Panther is the first superhero film to be nominated for a best picture Oscar

BLACK PANTHER is breaking records all over again with its Oscar nominations and its stars – both on screen and behind the scenes – are coming to terms with the incredible strides the film is continuing to make.

The Ryan Coogler-directed box office hit, the highest-grossing superhero film of all time, is up for a total of seven Oscars and is the first comic book-based film to be nominated in the best picture category.

Winston Duke has revealed that Daniel Kaluuya had expressed his belief that the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences should acknowledge the groundbreaking release way ahead of the nominations being announced.

He wrote on Twitter: “I remember last year Daniel Kaluuya said to me at our premiere, ‘BP for BP my G’ (Black Panther for Best Picture.) This movie was more than I could have ever wished for. We worked so hard to create this project, and it has given us so much. I’m grateful to y’all for not only making Black Panther the huge hit that it was, but for providing us with the communities that raised us and supported is in becoming the artists we are today.”

Lupita Nyong’o shared clip of the cast reacting to seeing footage from the film for the first time at San Diego Comic Con and said it was a reflection of how they were feeling after the announcement from the Academy.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, told Deadline: “The only way we ever wanted to do this project was the right way and that meant finding a filmmaker who had something personal to say, who had a vision and could take this character into another arena and showcase the power of representation on a canvas of this size.”

He added: “We’re very, very proud of what this film has done. The movie has made a cultural impact that is just humbling and gratifying to see. And we’re very grateful to the Academy for this recognition.”

Hannah Bleacher, Black Panther’s production designer, has become the first black person to be nominated for a production design Oscar for her work on the film.

"I’m crying one minute then doing a little dance the next second and then crying again thinking of the weightiness of it, as well as the humbleness of it and the joy of it. But you do feel a certain means breaking down walls...for young women of color and boys and girls of colour to see that this is not impossible,” Bleacher told The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to best picture and production design, Black Panther has been nominated in the following categories: costume design, original score, original song, sound editing and sound mixing.

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