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Black people: It’s important to know your worth

TRAGIC: Tavis Spencer-Aitkens was murdered ‘for nothing’ in a gang-related knife crime

KNOW YOUR worth. These are probably the most important words I will ever say to you. People, know your worth.

If you know your worth, you will never be worth less. Although, I didn’t realise that this was what my wife, @queenofovers, meant when I returned home somewhat demoralised the other day, after one ah dem vampires had been sucking my blood for fun in broad daylight.

I thought my missus said: “Dotun, you don’t know your worth, so you’re worthless.”

I tell you, when you think your missus says you’re “worthless” like that, you lose your mind. You don’t even stop to check to see if she said “worth less” or “wotless”. You simply go mad. It’s one thing to diss a man, but in his own yard?

There’s no need for that ladies. We can all conduct ourselves in a civilised manner. After all, we are African, which is the cradle of civilisation where all of humanity originates if you go back far enough.

It’s not me that is saying this, but the evolutionary scientists. They’ve done the research and discovered the bones and know where all the skeletons are buried. The oldest of which, are all in Mama Africa.

That’s why you’ve got to know your worth, because even the most racist of dem guys comes from Africa, if you go back far enough.


Indeed, they were all black to begin with. So you can imagine how it makes me laugh when I see them marching up and down as if whiteness is the whitest thing since sliced bread, when really and truly they should be acknowledging that Africans are the original man and there would be no other race without us.

Do you start to see how much you are worth? Do you begin to coco that you will succeed in conquering all the duppies trying to make you worthless or worthless in your workplace?

You know dem weh deh, ‘bout dem vampires and dup- pies that meet us in our going in and going out of work. Pure iniquity workers, as the late great Peter Tosh would describe them.

On a basic level, just by being human you’re worth millions. For real. Think about it. Quite apart from what you produce biologically through the heat you create (that’s hundreds of thousands of pounds of central heating over the course of a lifetime), your brain alone is priceless.

There is no computer that has ever been built that is as complex and effective as your brain. So why don’t you use it? I mean, imagine how much more you would be worth if you used your brain to its full capacity. It’s like when we go online. How many of us use our computers to work out quadratic equations? We pay thousands of pounds for a computer and we just use it to play video games or to make free calls. What a waste.

Like I say, you cannot know yourself if you don’t know your worth. I would go further. If you don’t know your worth you have no dignity, no respect.

And you end up in the most tragic extreme cases as being either the victim or the perpetrator of a knife crime. For the victim, all we can do is feel sorry and recite Suli Breaks’ anthem for doomed youth called R.I.P: ‘But when I say R.I.P./I don’t just mean rest in peace/I mean rewind it please/ So we can remain in peace’.

For the perpetrator, well, they won’t beat the rap, so they’ll have to join them behind bars, listening to their inner voice of reason, saying: “Yo fam, how the frigg did we end up in this cell... for how long? Nah man, on second thoughts, we didn’t end up in here. Not for that long. I’m going to have to leave you to carry on doing what you’re doing on your bunk, cause I’m outta here. I’m going back out on the road. You’re on your own. A.B.C. – yah, in 30 years, I wouldn’t wanna b-yah!”

That must have been how Buju’s inner voice talked to him when he got sentenced to 14 years behind bars for falling for that drugs sting where he was the patsy stateside. A week ago, he returned to the National Stadium in Jamaica for a hero’s welcome and a historic concert, in which he literally felt he had to make a disclaimer about how his rec- tum was not penetrated by any sexual offender whilst he was behind bars.

It was like he was saying he didn’t get the dread- ed payback that some people might have hoped he got for ‘Boom Bye Bye’, his controversial anti-gay song. What is indisputable, is that Buju now knows his worth.

There are estimates that he made over a couple of million dollars for that one-off gig, where ticket prices were going for US$100. Not bad for a night’s work. Imagine, if he hadn’t had to serve the eight years of that sentence, he would probably now be on his way to becoming reggae’s rst billionaire. Not even Bob Marley achieved that status.


And going back to the knife crime epidemic that we are suffering. Ipswich rappers YT- BYTN are YouTube celebrities, with their videos attracting hundreds of thousands of views. They should be worth a lot of money, but they’re all behind bars because of their wickedness in murdering a next yute, Tavis Spencer-Aitkens. For what? For nothing.

And now they are worthless and worth less, when, you could argue, they had a real talent as rappers. They’ll sit behind bars and ponder on what should have been. For real? Meanwhile, the rest of us have to instil into our yutes that they need to know their worth so they don’t make these worthless mistakes.

As for me and the vampire? Well, the moment I knew my worth was the moment I realised that it was his loss. I’ll keep my worth to myself. You see how it goes? Obadiah, Obadiah, Jah-Jah send us here to kill vampire.

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