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"A black woman should be with a black man...": play review

TENSIONS: Relationships between a close-knit family under pressure are portrayed on stage

THE VOICE'S Leah Sinclair went to see Takeaway, a play by Nathan Powell last week at east London's Hackney Picturehouse and has since had interest from many theatres who want to extend its run past the one-night only debut.

Takeaway features Maia Watkins, an Identity Drama School graduate and one of Channel 4's top picks for a drama development course afforded to talented actors.

“A black woman should be with a black man, a white man will never understand a black woman, especially a black woman like you who doesn’t even understand herself", was one of the controversial statements uttered in the performance.

Set in a takeaway shop against the vibrant backdrop of Brixton, the play explores the lives of a family and their generational differences amid anti-gentrification riots taking place in the south London area.

The tightly woven cast bounce brilliantly with each other from one scene to another, and Powell manages to capture Brixton life in a humorous and detailed way, whilst capturing how these intergenerational relationships within one family can both help and hinder them.

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