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Bobby Brown calls Kanye ignorant over Whitney bathroom photo

'VERY DISRESPECTFUL': Bobby Brown has spoken out about how he feels about Kanye West

BOBBY BROWN has called Kanye West ignorant over his choice to use an image of Whitney Houston's bathroom for an album cover.

West made the decision to use an image of showing Houston's bathroom littered with various types of drug paraphernalia for the cover of Pusha T's album Daytona.

Last month, during an interview with Buzzfeed's Profile show, Brown said: "Ignorant people are ignorant people, and they’re going to be that way until they find themselves."

West purchased the rights to use the image for $85,000.

Brown also said that he found the move "very disrespectful".

He has previously spoken out about his feelings on the matter but when into further detail during this more recent interview with Buzzfeed.

At the time of the release, the choice of artwork caused much controversy.

One Twitter user, Laurie Crosswell said: “Kanye West paying to use the photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom is beyond disgusting and disrespectful. It's inhumane. No wonder he loves Trump. I'm sickened.”

Another, David Leon Morgan, tweeted: “The people in charge of Whitney Houston’s estate are trash for even considering licensing this. She literally had no one she could trust around her. People who love you wouldn’t do something like this.”

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