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R&R: Not much beats reading a book over a steaming cup of your favourite hot drink

THE ART of killing time otherwise spent on a silent, grey train is truly incomplete without a good book in tow.

Slotting in some down-time and escaping to another world, even if the escape is brief; can be a high-point for many during the working day.

Here are a selection of some outstanding titles, from the desk of our Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell:

My Life Is Not My Own, by Marian Adejokun

Detailing the varying peaks and troughs in her life so far, My Life Is Not My Own tells Marian’s amazing story. Marian Adejokun is a 25-year-old who almost died last year after suffering an allergic reaction. Marian is also the publisher of another book, called ReachOut2All: Word4Life, which is a daily devotional book.

Notes From No Man’s Land, by Eula Biss

A frank and fascinating exploration of race and racial identity, Notes From No Man’s Land: American Essays begins with a series of lynchings and ends with a series of apologies.

Leader-Smithing – Revealing The Trade Secrets Of Leadership, by Eve Poole

Leadership is a rather tired word in the business world. It is overused and can sound old-fashioned, static and trite. The word makes leading seem cerebral and certain, but for many leaders it feels quite the opposite.

Unprecedented – The Masters And Me, by Tiger Woods with Lorne Rubenstein

Leading up to the 1997 Master tournament, 21-year-old Tiger Woods was already one of the most scrutinised and talked about professional athletes, yet his electrifying win and historic margin of victory stunned the golf world and instantly catapulted him into super stardom.

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