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Book Reviews: Akala's foray into children's writing and more

ENJOY THIS week's selection of reads, from the desk of our Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell:

The Essential Guide To Confidence, by Elaine Sihera (Rose Books)

With 18 chapters and 382 pages, this highly informative book clearly explains the definition, roots, and true inescapable power of confidence over routine life. Sihera regards her work as “a labour of love which excites me to see it, finally, in one comprehensive whole. Confidence is a highly-misunderstood and underrated subject, so I’m very proud of its extensive knowledge and new research. “I hope it will be enable a new appreciation for such a crucial topic, and be very useful to anyone who reads it.”

Hip and Hop: You Can Do Anything by Akala (Oxford University Press)

Hip and Hop: You Can Do Anything is the first in a series of picture books following an irresistible pair: Hip, a wise and cool hippo, and Hop, his excitable best friend. Throughout the
stories, they rap inspirational messages to coach readers through the early years.

The Granny JJ Adventures, by Joshua Cartwright (Living Words)

The Granny JJ Adventures have a lovely origin story, but what’s so special about these stories about a South American grandmother detective is that they are written in phonetic Guyanese Creole. The book is a fantastic resource for multi-cultural lessons and is complete with a glossary, native Guyanese proverbs and beautiful illustrations carefully crafted to reflect Guyanese life.

Light And Liberty – Rediscovering The Power Of Deliverance by Peter Mockford (Instant Apostle)

As Western awareness of spirituality increases, does the church still have anything to say? Is deliverance ministry relevant to its mission? Are exorcisms the stuff of legend or realities the church must engage with?

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