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Book reviews: 'The Importance of my Body' for kids and more

ENJOY THIS week's selection of reads, from the desk of our Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell.

The Inquisitive Destiny and The Inquisitive Destiny – The Importance of my Body, by Dewayne Carrington-Jones

Both books are a creative way to get youngsters into reading while educating them about themselves through the journey of a young girl named Destiny. Produced in an engaging test book style as well as a colouring book version, Dewayne Carrington has put thought into his audience and the value young readers will gain from both books.

Twilight and Homecoming, by Uzoechi Nwagbara (Olympia Publishers)

This volume of poems offers dire warnings about the despoiling of the environment and the way people are driven from their lands, but gives hope that the downtrodden will return when those lands regain their former beauty.

Afrikan People Abolished in the Slave Trade, by Omowale Ru Pert-em-Hru

The Pan-African Society Community Forum is a revolutionary pan-African organisation. They seek to make their contribution to the unification and liberation of Africa and African people under a just social system.

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