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Book reviews: Muhammad Ali, 'The wonder of hair' and more

ENJOY THIS week's selection of reads, from the desk of our Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell.

The Talented Ribkins, by Lisabeth Kaiser

At 72, Johnny Ribkins has a problem not many elders face: he has one week to come up with the money he stole from his mobster boss, or it’s curtains. What may or may not be useful to Johnny as he flees is that he comes from an African-American family that has been gifted with superpowers – they’re not great, but they are superpowers, nonetheless. For example, Johnny’s father could see colours no one else could see. His cousin belches fire. And Johnny can make precise maps of anywhere you name, whether he has been there or not.

Reflections of Me, by Kamran Assadi

This book takes you on a rollercoaster of truth, harsh realities and ups and downs of emotions through Kamran's reflective journey of life. Even though it has been challenging for him at times, he has always come out trying to retain some positivity through these learning curves. The poetry here touches on his past, his present and his outlook on the future.

The Wonder of Hair – Its Secrets Revealed, by Rosemary Mlambo

The book reveals so many amazing secrets about your hair, from when you were a foetus to that time when you become grey, and beyond. The book is a fountain of information about this wonder that you touch and feel more than any other part of your body.

Ali: A Life, by Jonathan Eig

Best-selling author Jonathan Eig has conducted more than 500 interviews with those that knew Muhammad Ali best and gained unique access to almost every one of his family members, close friends and business associates.

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