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Book reviews: The secret Wu-Tang album, east Africa and more

ENJOY THIS week's selection of reads, from the desk of our Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell:

The Hidden Treasures Within, by Lorna Liverpool

London-based children’s author and mother of two Lorna Liverpool once again draws on her east African heritage for her long-awaited second children’s book, which centres on the magical adventures of schoolgirl Kaa’hina.
The Hidden Treasures Within takes Kaa’hina on a journey back in time, and with the help of her ancestors, Kaa’hina and readers of the book learn all about self-confidence and the power of the mind. Once again, the book is beautifully illustrated by Sarah-Louise Hibbs.

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, by Cyrus Bozorgmehr (Jacaranda Books)

In 2007, the innovative Wu-Tang producer, Cilvaringz, feeling that digitisation increasingly supported the perception of music as disposable, took an incendiary idea to his mentor, hip-hop legend RZA: create a unique physical copy of a secret Wu-Tang album, to be encased in silver and sold through auction as a work of contemporary art.

Legend of the St Ann’s Floods, by Debbie Jacob (Macmillan Caribbean)

No one ever knew the cause of the deadly flood that hit St Ann’s, Trinidad in 1993 – no one, that is, until a frightened boy named Jabari came stumbling out of the St Ann’s hills with a legend given to him by Papa Bois, the king of the forest. Rescued from the clutches of Mama Dlo, the anaconda who is queen of the rivers, Jabari was given the task of telling people the real story of the flood.

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