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Boost health by harnessing the power of positive mind

HAPPY: Suzanne Glover tells us the best way to boost your health and harness the power of a positive mind

POSITIVE THINKING can sometimes be perceived as a lot of “fluff”, but science has been able to prove that there’s more to it than just the “placebo effect”. In fact, this article answers the question, “how to be positive automatically”, because it discusses one of the best benefits of positive thinking that makes maintaining positive attitude routine.

Think back to when you were upset as a kid and inevitably, your mum would try to change your attitude by saying: “Everything is going to be alright.” Whether she knew about the power of positive thinking or not, those words were the best thing for her to say at that moment.

Today, if we can be that “mother figure” to ourselves and use positive thoughts and positive phrases like “everything’s going to be alright”, then we are actually using a very old “home remedy” to ignite different biological reactions within our bodies.

So, what exactly does that mean? It means that science has discovered that you can use the power of positive thinking for maintaining positive attitude and actually get “hooked” to it on a biological level. One way that this happens is that your mind puts out chemicals that coincide with your emotions.

So, when you’re using positive thoughts to stay happy, your brain is actually flooding your body with “happy” chemicals. The interesting thing that occurs in this regard, though, is that your body may not be equipped to handle all the happy chemicals “coming down the pipe” if you’ve been depressed for a long time and are new to using the power of positive thinking to your advantage.

So, your body has to make physical changes to adapt to the new flow of happy chemi- cals. Can it do this? Yes!

In fact, one of the best benefits of positive thinking is that as you get better and better at maintaining a positive attitude, you are consistently putting out “happy” chemicals and your body produces more and more cell receptors – or portals – to receive the new flood of chemicals, and this is pretty exciting news if you need motivation to change your attitude.

Why? because the more positive you become mentally, the more “happy chemicals” your body prepares to receive and craves, so your body helps you stay happy in order to get its “fix” of happy chemicals. This is where you can say attitude is contagious, because your body wants more “happy juice” so your mind puts out more “happy chemicals” to satisfy the cravings of your body for “happy juice”, so you don’t have to think about how to be positive any more.

You’re on autopilot. Positive thinking also has a positive impact on how the brain itself functions. Research in the field of positive psychology has shown that when a brain is kept positive by maintaining positive attitude, it actually creates more neural pathways faster and has an increased ability to problem- solve and “think better”.

In other words, practising the power of positive thinking and maintaining a positive attitude are like feeding your brain “super food” to help it thrive. So, can positive thinking affect your health in a positive way? Yes. In fact, when you’re super-charging your brain with positive thoughts, it runs better, and since it’s the central computer to your body, it floods your body with positive chemicals.

Here are 10 tips to help you think more positively:
1. Spend time with people who have a positive outlook on life
2. Take responsibility for your own actions
3. Contribute to your lo- cal community through activities such as volunteering
4. Make reading inspirational literature a part of your day
5. Recognise when on life negativity creeps into your thoughts and replace it with a more positive
perspective 6. Set personal goals and work towards them
7. Develop an awareness of the consequences of negative thinking
8. Look for reasons to offer genuine compliments to others
9. Draw up a gratitude list and look at it every day – it will quickly help you realise just how much you have to be thankful for
10. Look after yourself – get plenty of rest, exercise and manage your stress levels

Suzanne Glover offers advice at effective-positive-

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