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Boris sings Bob after Sunday ‘bike crash’ interview

BAFFLED: 'What is this shiny object of sound I hold?' Boris performs with Misha B (photo: Bart Chan)

LONDON’S BLONDE bombshell of a mayor made a musical cameo this morning with singer Misha B at London Bridge tube station.

Boris Johnson, who has endured a somewhat turbulent few days since the build-up and airing of the BBC documentary of his life story, turned up to promote busking in the capital, performing with the Mancunian songstress, who used to busk before finding fame on the X Factor.

After Johnson had charmed the crowd gathered inside the underground entrance by standing alongside the singing Misha B, guitar in hand and shouting along to her feelgood lyrics: “Everybody is somebody,” The Voice enquired into the mayor’s musical taste.

“What do you like to listen to after you’ve had a bad day, and when someone might have called you 'a nasty piece of work', for example?”

Johnson took a moment to compose himself, clearly the horror of his appearance on last Sunday’s BBC breakfast show still lingered freshly (Johnson was called by interviewer Eddie Mair “a nasty piece of work” in relation to lying about extra marital affairs, making up quotations, and providing addresses of journalists to convicted fraudsters intent on violence).

“People have called me far worse than that, I want you to know, of course they do, every day,” replied the mayor, who was described by arch rival Ken Livingstone in the documentary as wanting to be “loved by everyone, even the very people he is destroying”.

Johnson, unfazed, continued: “I listen to a lot of different stuff. I listen to Brahms, I’m afraid. I was singing Bob Marley the other day – all sorts of stuff, the Rolling Stones, The Clash.”

And then came a real curveball of a question from someone else watching Johnson in slight bewilderment: “What would you have played at your funeral?”

The morbid question resulted in Johnson returning fire with another question: “Is that an event you’re looking forward to?” He laughed it off, like the good sport he enjoys to project himself as.

ARTISTS: Misha B and her curly haired guitarist (photo: Bart Chan)

“I was thinking about that; well maybe Three Little Birds,” he said, before unleashing a surprise that no one had bargained for – his singing voice. He ignored another journalist’s question about the documentary, serenading his audience with the lyrics of the legendary reggae artist.

“Woke up this morning, I smiled at the rising sun, three little birds on my doorstep, singing sweet songs, melody pure and true, singing: this is my message for you ou ou. Don’t you worry about a thing, cos every little thing is gonna be alright…

“That’s what I want [at my funeral].”

Many political commentators were labelling his Sunday interview with Mair as the worst of his career, calling it a “bike crash”, instead of the more traditional “train crash”. However, Johnson’s latest public outing has proved the reinvigorating effect song can have.

Whether he can carry a tune is another question.

Meanwhile, Misha B took some time out before her performance to talk about what busking has meant to her career.

“I’m a former busker, that’s how I kind of started,” she told The Voice.

“I used to suffer from stage fright, and I was trying to find a way of overcoming my fear – I always had in the back of my head: ‘I can do this, I can do this.’ And busking was one of the things that made me think: ‘If I put myself out there, I know it will help.’

“So I was busking for two years, that was before I went on to the X Factor. I’d say busking is the biggest thing I’ve done and one of my greatest achievements.”

Performing on the TV show in front of millions of viewers and the judges was an experience that to call “nerve-wracking is an understatement,” she said.

“[Busking] helped with my self-esteem; my confidence grew as more people came – it helped with stage presence. I was able to learn how to adapt to different audiences, different weather – I’m looking forward to doing the festivals, because I’ve had my busking experience to push me along the way.

“I say to all of my friends and strangers [with aspirations of making it in the music industry], go busk. Busking is one of the biggest things you can do. You are putting yourself out there, on a platform to the rest of the world. It will definitely help with confidence – you have to have guts to busk. The passion is you’re doing it because you love it,” the singer added.

It seemed as though Misha B’s enthusiasm for her craft rubbed off on the mayor, and perhaps if Johnson does not quite grasp that top job out of “Cameron minor’s” hands, he could take some singing lessons from her.

WATCH HIM SING: Sing-along with Boris and Misha B interview

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