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Boxing legend Lennox Lewis to reveal all

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Lennox Lewis will be speaking to an audience at the O2 next month

BOXING LEGEND Lennox Lewis takes centre stage once again when he is subject to the eagerly awaited Undisputed: An Evening With Lennox Lewis at London’s O2 on September 6.

It will be the first time that the former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion has sat down for an intimate, moderated evening to discuss his illustrious career, and many of the behind the scenes backstories, to some of his biggest fights ever.

Born in east London, Lewis moved to Ontario, Canada at the age of 12 to reunite with his mother, who had moved there seeking a better life and gainful employment.

He took up boxing as a teenager and went on to win an Olympic gold medal for Canada in 1988.

Upon turning pro, he moved back to England and fought his entire professional career representing east London.

He went on to become the best fighter of his generation, undisputed world champion, and arguably, one of the greatest heavyweight champions in boxing history. Now 52, Lewis promises an exciting and inspirational evening which will be revealing, too.

He told The Voice: “I’m excited to be coming back to London. All the questions the public had in regard to my career will be answered. So much has been hidden. There’s a lot that people don’t know and I am aware of that.”

The night’s agenda will include Anthony Joshua and how Lewis dealt with mental obstacles and retirement. Lewis, the last undisputed heavyweight boxing champion since retiring in 2004, said of Joshua, who currently holds three of the four major world championships in the sport: “Right now he’s making all the right moves and doing all the right things.

“When I was a world champion I had to box around the world to show that I was the best.
“I don’t think he’s doing himself justice by just boxing in one space. Who doesn’t want to go to the Mecca? That said, to a point he doesn’t really need to box in America with the three belts he has.”

Next month’s event will see Lewis take a retrospective walk down memory lane and revisit some of the highlights, and lowlights, of his 15-year professional career.

Over the last decade, Lewis has focused on his family, business interests and philanthropic endeavours. Of some of the mental struggles he encountered while attempting to win or maintain he biggest prize in sport, he shared an intriguing vignette: “I had a girlfriend who once gave me some disappointing news which really affected me.

“The situation affected things – it made me weak mentally and it was probably the reason I lost the bout as the mindset wasn’t right. I thought I could conquer the world and took the view that nothing could hurt me and I was going to enter the ring and knock him my opponent out – it didn’t pan out that way.

“I can understand people like Tyson Fury going through depression because there is a lot to deal with. He has family, a championship to win, people around him telling him he can’t do it. All these things he has to balance.”

Lewis won 41 of his 44 bouts – and September 6 should prove to be another knockout occasion.

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