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Bringing people closer to God

COMMITTED TO GOD: Isabella Melodies

ONE OF the UK’s leading worship singers to come out of Britain’s African church movement, has released two albums, with hope that they will bring people closer to God. Isabella Melodies’ new albums, Indescribable and A New Beginning, both contain songs inspired by her own faith.

“My music is largely inspired by my love for the Lord, my passion for worshipping Him and my zeal to draw others to Him,” she says.

“The main theme you will find emerging through these albums is love and intimacy.”

Songs were written by Isabella and can be described as praise and worship – currently one of the most popular genres within Christian music. Isabella possesses song-writing talents in abundance – and says that her talents are enhanced by her faith.

“My songs are inspired by my love for the Lord, as well as my life experiences and personal relationships. Some of my songs were written during my most challenging times in life.”

She adds: “I consider myself a gifted song receiver rather than a great songwriter. I just receive them in my spirit and express them as best as I can but the one who truly writes the song in my heart is the Holy Spirit.”

Isabella is a busy woman. She has sang in Africa, Canada, America and, of course, the UK, and has become well-known for her stylish outfits, as well as her spirited performances. She is committed to empowering up-and-coming music ministers through the organisation she founded, Women of African Origin in Music Ministry (WAOMM). She is also a wife and mother of four children.

Isabella became a worship leader through necessity after joining The Father’s House International Church in 2000. She recalls: “I saw a need as the pastor and his family were the only members of the worship team, so I joined them to sing on Sundays.

“Then, after a few weeks, we were called to a team meeting where I was announced as the new worship leader.”

As a result of her surprise appointment, Isabella took steps to develop and understand her craft, and in doing so, has become a sought-after singer. Isabella grew up in Nigeria with her elder sister and mother. Her parents divorced when she was just two years old. She says her life was negatively impacted by growing up without her father.

Isabella explains: “Although I didn’t realise it at the time, not having a father figure in my life had quite an adverse impact on me. My mother was very loving, but the absence of a father made me quite physically, emotionally and spiritually insecure, which translated into resentment and rebellion as a young woman.

“There was always this hole in my heart that I was desperately seeking to fi ll. And not until I gave my heart to Jesus in 1995 did that vacuum get filled.”

Her faith is now the most important thing in her life. “It’s the glue that holds it all together for me. Life can get very overwhelming with all the challenges, responsibilities and demands of family, work, ministry and society,” she says.

“The peace and reassurance that comes from knowing that I have an ever-present helper who I can call on every time is unquantifiable. My faith in God is my strength, hope and peace in every situation. My husband and I are very prayerful.”

The next few months are set to be busy ones for Isabella, fulfilling ministry dates and looking after family. She adds ”My plans for the rest of my life – not just for the next four months – are to keep serving the Lord and His people in every way I am equipped and empowered to, most especially through, but not limited to, my music ministry and mentoring others.”

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