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Britain's black duchess needs our support

ROYAL OCCASION: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will wed next Saturday – but their future children may become subject to racist abuse

MEGHAN MARKLE may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but she will soon become OUR duchess and it’s about time we showed that with a strong presence at her wedding to Prince Harry in Windsor next week.

I am sure she could do with the support after all she’s been through these last weeks about her dysfunctional family etc. We shouldn’t be surprised. For one thing, Ms Markle is black.

Yeah, I know the press are trying to duck and dive away from the obvious, but it was white folks who made up the one drop rule and it is white folks who have consistently, for hundreds of years, tried to avoid embracing people of mixed heritage.

So it is they who have to take the ‘blow’ that Ms Markle is racially, politically and royally as black as the midnight sky. Her complexion has nothing to do with it when we black people have for centuries welcomed everybody, as family, who is any shade of blackness from ebony to non-bleachwhite. We don’t see any difference.

So what does Princess Ms Markle’s race have to do with this royal wedding? Well, everything. Of course it does. Just as African-Americans (let alone European Americans and Asian-Americans) never dreamed in their lifetimes that there would ever be a black president of the United States, so it is that we never thought in our lifetimes that there would be a black member of the royal family.

I know it’s slightly different because there have previously been black members of the royal family, such as Queen Charlotte in the early part of the 19th century, but in our lifetimes we haven’t seen evidence of that and, apart from Her Majesty herself who revels with delight at Africa, the Caribbean and blackness in general, the rest of the royal family behave as if there ain’t no black in the union jack.

That is until good ol’ Harry came along.


For me, Harry has always been the blackest of the royal family – not just in his swagger and his choice of rap as the soundtrack to his life and the fact that he himself has said how much he loves Africa and has dedicated much of his charity work to helping young people in the continent, but also because he went out of his way to look for a good black woman. It’s a lesson that we could all follow, I guess.

I’m not saying that you have to fall in love with a good black woman. There are other women out there after all, and every woman deserves a shout in these equal opportunities times. But at least go out and look for a good black woman and, if you can’t find one or you just feel like you don’t fancy one, then by all means follow your heart.

What I’m finding nowadays, however, is that a lot of brothas are ruling out a good black woman even before they’ve considered going out to look for one. Now, what is that about? Why cannot a good black woman get a look in with some of these black guys nowadays?

What have good black women, like your mother, done to you so bad that you cannot even start contemplating them in matters of the heart? That is taking self-hate to a level of debilitating chronic illness and I really think you ought to go and get your head tested for signs of mental slavery that you have, as yet, not emancipated yourself from.

Imagine if Prince Harry had not found himself a good black woman, even if he didn’t even realise that what he needed in life was a good black woman. Imagine if he hadn’t gone and got himself Ms Markle and he had opted for one of the many other options that were being thrown at his feet?

Well, you can imagine how he would feel when, subsequently, in steps Ms Markle and, with a click of her heels, he realises that she is who he had been seeking all his life without knowing it and he starts singing like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in Grease: “You’re the one that I want, you are the one I want - oooh, oooh, ooooh, honey.”

So far, in their relatively brief courtship, Ms Markle has taken Harry down to the ghetto of Brixton and got him interested in black British issues which, if I’m honest, he and the royal family generally have overlooked while casting their gaze at black people in Africa and elsewhere.

I think, with the respect that Prince Harry has among young black Britons for bigging up our culture and going out to fight in war for his country and all of that, that he could put our issues on the agenda at the top table and keep them there. After all, when he and Ms Markle have children, their children will be black, too.

They won’t have the blonde-haired and blue-eyed look of their cousins. They’re going to look more like you and I or, at the very least, like Boris Becker’s children.

And, as a result, someone somewhere will make a derogatory and offensive racist remark to them as they do to our children at sometime or other in their lives.

Ms Markle and Harry will understand exactly what we go through as black parents every day of the week and will empathise.

That’s why they need our support. We can help them navigate their way to being parents of black children and, at the same time, they can put the black child’s agenda at the top of their list of things to do and that they are able to influence people on given their royal positions.

Now, before I forget my manners, here comes the bride... let’s drink a toast.

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