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British Domino Association under way

POPULAR: Dominoes has the ability to be a national TV attraction demanding prime time slots

THE BDA’s hope is that participants and spectators will witness a disciplined, passion driven and all inclusive domino league based on county lines throughout England. There will be a London Domino League. This will be the same for Sussex, Suffolk, Lancashire, Nott’s, Derby and Surrey.

The British Domino Association will be working closely with other leagues to promote the educational, intergenerational, social, and the elite benefits of the sport. Some twenty years ago dominoes and darts were on a par with one another and played as pastimes at many levels within pubs and social gatherings. Darts is now a national TV at- traction demanding prime time slots. Those at the BDA believe dominoes is more exciting than darts and has a positive future.

A spokesperson for the BDA told the Voice of Sport: “This excitement, enthusiasm and passion of our players locally, regionally, nationally and internationally coupled with the well known products associated with this group, provide a good basis for a sponsor with the uniqueness of the sport. “We intend to grow organically into the national organisation where governance, clubs development, discipline, and organisational structure will be our main focus.

“For many decades we have played the sport for recreational and social purposes. We can use dominoes for educational reasons while some players have advanced to playing on the world stage.

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