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British reggae legend receives honorary fellowship

ACCOMPLISHED: Dennis Bovell - ready for his close-up. (Photo credit: Goldsmiths University)

ICONIC ARTIST and record producer Dennis Bovell received an honorary fellowship from Goldsmiths, University of London for his influence in music and culture, last Wednesday (20 December).

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Bovell offered a brief recollection of his personal and professional journey to date:

"I was invited to this part of London 40 years ago to become a sound engineer at a studio (...). The aim of that studio was to provide London with music that would sign record books that we had made that in London. It was not something that was coming from abroad but something we created here.

"My grandparents would be very proud of this moment because they were both musicians and it was me, tagging along with my grandad to choir practice, watching him assemble the hallelujah chorus, that kind of made me think 'hmm...I could give this a go.'"

Dennis Bovell was born in Saint Peter, Barbados, and moved to south London at the age of 12. He is widely recognised as the innovator of British Lover's Rock and is the producer of big hits such as 'Silly Games' by Janet Kay and 'After Tonight' with his band Matumbi. He is also a singer, multi instrumentalist and sound engineer known for his unique dubs and creative style.

Listen to the full acceptance speech here.

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