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Brits spend 10 months moaning about the weather

DISSAPOINTMENT: Most Brits were less than pleased with our British summer, according to new report Photo credit: Shuttershock

THE AVERAGE Brit spends 104 hours, almost five full days each year (that's 10 month of our lives) complaining about the weather, according to a new report.

Brits average 120 minutes every week complaining about the lack of sunshine. That’s the equivalent of 4 days and seven hours every year, according to Tetley’s State of the Summer Report.

According to the figures, weather-preoccupied Brits check the forecast eight times a week, discussing the outcome with partners and work colleagues at least five times a week.

And it’s not just feeding our conversation, as there has been a financial cost too: the research reveals that the poor summer weather has cost Brits an average of £149 each over the summer months, due to cancelled events, wasted food and clothes we never got to wear.

On average, we have had to cancel five planned summer activities, including three failed walks in the country, one abandoned BBQ and two postponed day trips.

The Tetley State of Summer report also confirms what many have suspected: the UK’s summer has been a “wash out”, with average rainfall and weather systems during this summer more typical of winter months, in the words of leading meteorologist, Prof. Liz Bentley.

It is no surprise then that 44 percent of Brits think this summer has been disappointing – with most us claiming to have been stuck inside for days over the summer months because of poor conditions.

However, even when the sun does make a rare appearance, 57 percent of us still find something to moan about – with almost half of the nation (49 percent) having complained about the weather being too humid, while 46 percent have moaned about it being too hot.

Almost four in ten (39 percent) have taken issue with it being too windy, while 34 percent say the sunshine makes them sweat too much.

61 percent insist that summers are not as good as when they were young, while a further 65 percent said Britain simply doesn’t get enough sun.

69 percent of those polled said as a nation we would be happier if we enjoyed a Mediterranean climate like our friends in the south of France or on the Italian coast - however - in true British style a hopeful 56 percent said they are confident that next year will be the best summer ever.

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