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Brits swear every 6.7 minutes, according to new survey

RESEARCH FROM Soap Supplier has revealed that we’re a foul-mouthed nation, with the average Brit swearing just over nine times an hour, or once every 6.7 minutes.

The survey, which polled 2,000 adults, found that men swear slightly more often than women, (10 times an hour, compared to women’s eight times an hour).

When broken down by region, Soap Supplier discovered that it’s the Welsh who are one of the biggest culprits in the cursing league. They swear as many as 12 times per hour, or once every five minutes! This was tied by those in Greater London who also let out on average 12 expletives an hour. Those living in the south west and East Midlands keep their language the 'cleanest', only dropping the 'f' bomb (or something similar) seven times per hour, or once every 8.6 minutes.

The survey revealed that over a third of us (35%) have sworn at our boss and of those who admitted to it, 64% were men and 36% were women. Equally as bad, over a third of Brits (37%) have also been sworn at by their boss; with 71% of those saying it’s a regular occurrence! Swearing is clearly deeply ingrained in our language, as embarrassingly 1 in 5 Brits admit to accidentally swearing in an interview – oops!

The energy industry uses the most profane language, with 65% admitting to swearing. In comparison, only 29% of those who work in pharmaceuticals curse at work.


Nicky Story from Soap Supplier says:

“It appears swearing is a big part of our everyday language – but there is a time and a place.

"Dropping the f-bomb at work may be your way of letting off steam, but it may be also offending co-workers, so make sure to gauge the cursing culture in the office before you turn the air blue. In some situations there really is no excuse for bad language – make sure to wash your mouth out before an interview!”

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