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Brixton student launches video channel

BOSS LADY: Hulda Adao

AN AMBITIOUS University of Northampton student from Brixton, south London, has launched an online business which aims to inspire young people to better themselves.

EyeSpeakTV is the brainchild of International Tourism Management and Event Management undergraduate Hulda Adao.

Launched in Febraury, EyeSpeakTV is hosted on YouTube, and includes videos aimed at 16-to-25 year olds which tackle environmental, social and taboo issues, including racism, sexual identity, gender and bullying. The videos are complemented with blogs and podcasts on the issues, designed to stimulate discussion.

Once EyeSpeakTV becomes established online, Hulda and her team of volunteers plan to branch out into producing a major documentary – with the ultimate aim of having a weekly television show.

Other planned innovations could include a consultation area hosted on the EyeSpeakTV website, where people can pose questions and discuss issues.

EyeSpeakTV exists to allow people to talk about the topics that affect them, with the aim of raising awareness of issues, which in turn will hopefully help people to make the right decisions in life,” said Hulda, who is originally from Brixton, south London.

“For example, one of my friends was bullied and she ended up talking about her story on EyeSpeakTV – her personal account really gave an insight into how bullying affects people, making it real for people.

EyeSpeakTV also discusses and raises awareness about issues which are often seen as taboo, and are therefore something that cannot easily be discussed, comfortably."

Hulda added:

“We have created a platform that inspires people to better themselves. This is done by provoking thought and encouraging people to take action and control of their goals and pursue them.”

As is the case with many Northampton students who run their own organisation, Hulda receives business mentoring from her tutor, Rachael Rose-Smith.

“Rachael has been a massive help,” said Hulda. “She’s so proactive and she cares. She’s helped me to create a business plan, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do without her expertise. I can’t thank her enough.”

Rachael said: “Hulda is a driven young woman, whose ideas will greatly benefit the wider communities and bring awareness to issues that need to be heard. EyeSpeakTV is a company I know will, just like Hulda, go far.”

Visit the EyeSpeakTV website by clicking here.

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