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This is Brukout! Seani B recaps this year's Carnival

FUN TIMES: Enjoying Carnival with supermodel Jourdan Dunn

OF LATE, my new name has been Mr BrukOut, but after the 2017 Notting Hill Carnival I feel more like Mr BrukUp!

My Carnival week consisted of more than the streets of Ladbroke Grove. My weekend started on Thursday night as Team BrukOut celebrated our club night’s one-year anniversary at Notting Hill Arts Club in London.

On Friday morning, I had a 9:03 train from Kings Cross to Leeds as I hosted the 1Xtra stage at Leeds Festival. There were some huge performances for the two days I was there from the likes of J Hus, Mist and Bugzy Malone. My aim is to get some reggae and dancehall in that stage next year, though.

After a decent sleep on Saturday night, I was ready for my train ride back down to London to do what I’ve been doing with my dad from a young age getting out and enjoying the delights of Carnival.

Even if I think to myself, ’ll give it a miss this year’, it always calls me, and I end
up heading down to enjoy the festivities. This year, This Is BrukOut teamed up with Rampage Sound. Rampage have the biggest static soundsystem at Carnival with the biggest crowd to go with it. I arrived at the site in Colville Gardens at 1pm to a very chilled vibe, with everyone enjoying themselves.

DJ Maurice and D-Nyce were setting the vibe nice whilst we made sure everything else was in place. By 2pm, the road was already half full and bubbling to some old school garage with Treble Tee taking care of mic duties. Tee is a Carnival veteran, who knows how to pace himself over the weekend as it is common place for DJs to end up with no voice by Tuesday morning.

BrukOut brought that Caribbean vibe to Carnival musically. My thing of late is to celebrate what our parents brought to this country, at the same time as celebrating UK garage, grime and other music genres.

I thought it was important for me to start with some classic old school selection of soca to set the mood on the road. Classics like Sugar Bum Bum, Hot Hot Hot and Pump Me Up all went down well with a mixed crowd on Colville Gardens. The party had started, the road was now near capacity and we was in full swing.

Our first performer of the day was St Vincent artist Dynamite who has a massive soca hit on his hands, Brave. This record has already been signed by the UK label Black Butter, as it has that undoubtedly UK garage vibe to it and you can expect to hear plenty of it, if you haven’t already.

Straight up afterwards was Linky First. He is a Jamai- can artist who makes soca music as if he was a Trini. Rock & Come is another one of those soca records in high rotation, and the carnival crowd was lapping it up and enjoying the beat.

Every Carnival has to have one police officer who goes viral due his dancing skills.
After seeing the performance of this officer, I swear down that he is more of an undercover raver than an undercover cop. I hope his superiors don’t have other views on what they saw.

As the day began to get warmer, the BrukOut x Rampage stage became hotter. When I looked backstage, I knew that Carnival ravers were in for a treat due to the amount of talent I recognised.

Next up on stage was my BrukOut Team. I’m a hard man to please, and I had my label boss hat on when Alicai Harley, E Mak and Big Zeeks hit the stage to entertain. Alicai looked amazing, and had the crowd eating from the palm of her hands when she performed Gold. E Mak and Big Zeeks once again proved that they have one of the most energetic performances around with their stage presence.

CARNIVAL VIBE: Senseea and Alicia Harley

In between the acts, Team BrukOut with Celebrity Raven, Rampage Sound, Team Salut and Masterstepz were keeping the party atmosphere on the road. The drinks were flowing and the vibes were good.

Next up was Fuse ODG. It looks great when you see an artist as big as Fuse come and represent for his people. He rinsed through three smash hits to massive applause.

Did we have more to come? Of course we did! Kevin Lyt- tle has one of the soca anthems from the early 2000 period. Turn Me On is a record that will never disappoint. Dressed in a yellow blazer, Kevin took to the towers and did his thing.

Someone I saw back stage who had promised me that she will pass through was rising Jamaican star Shenseea. I’ve been supporting her music for a while on my 1Xtra show, and to see her growth is amazing.

She’s a beautiful girl, so I didn’t want her hidden away, and I encouraged her to jump up on the speakers stacks. I was a bit frightened she might fall through, but all was well.
There is something about Carnival and what it brings out in people. I had two especially amazing moments in Carnival, and one was the minute’s silence for the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Everyone on those streets was paying their respects – you could have heard a pin drop.
The other top moment for me was meeting supermodel Jourdan Dunn. I have to admit, I didn’t know who she was to begin with. I’m terrible with faces and names.

My social media team wanted the pic, so I asked her security if I could. They said no.
All of a sudden, she turns around and says: “Oh my God! It’s Seani B! I’ve been listening to your mixtapes for years.”

She isn’t talking about Soundcloud either, as she mentioned my cassettes and CDs.
Her security had to step aside!

To close the stage, the next act drove 109 miles from Birmingham after I told them they would miss the biggest party they had have ever seen. Style X, whose tracks include Me Love My Fatty, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the crowd.

Let’s put it this way, they were very appreciative of my column in The Voice note to say you don’t wanna miss out! The build up to this day was madness, but it went a treat on the day. Special shout to our partners Rampage Sound. Happy 25th anniversary, guys.
If you want to listen to what went down on the day, listen back to my BBC Radio 1Xtra Show online.

Now, I’m off to hibernate for a few days...

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