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This Is Brukout! Seani B speaks to Kamila McDonald

HAPPY AND HEALTHY: Kamila McDonald has worked to overcome her own problems, and now inspires a generation with her story

HAVING A strong sense of entrepreneurialism and creative thinking have always been two of the strongest traits in Jamaican culture.

Being the best version of yourself and letting the world know about it is something we thrive in (and long may that continue). Our guest this week is some- one who I have respected and admired her work over the past few years. She has tirelessly built her brand, motto and message from the ground up, and now commands a global army of followers, fans and people who want to be part of the movement.

Her name is Kamila McDonald, and her brand Kamp Kamila has been racking up incredible momentum over the past couple of years. She has now added to her portfolio with a new health and wellbeing book called ‘Wake Up And Live’ which gives tips and advice on maximising your energies and creating a better you both spiritually and physically.

“Working in this lane is some- thing that I stumbled upon. I grew up in Rasta household and my parents are very health-conscious – we always ate ital food and exercise was an important part of how we lived,” she tells me down the phone- from sunny Kingston.

“I went to college in Norway, and the combination of moving away from home, to a completely different environment and climate saw my weight rise, and at my heaviest I was nearly 200 pounds. Those were dark moments for me, and I struggled by feel- ing alone and embarrassed by where I had got myself physically. I had an eating disorder and it really affected me in so many ways, especially when I came back to Jamaica.

“I looked at myself one day in the mirror and knew I had to make a change.

“I started to exercise and spend my entire time and Stamford University getting into a better physical state.

“After that I entered the Miss Jamaica World beauty pageant – something a Rastafarian had never done before – and I won the Miss Jamaica Beach Body competition which was judged by the aesthetics of the body. This was a major step in overcoming something that had held me back for many years.”

Kamila is refreshingly honest, and (literally) very comfortable in her own skin. Her energy and enthusiasm knows no bounds, and I have always been impressed by the way she represents herself, both in person and through her social network accounts.

“Those were dark moments – I know I needed to change”

“Shortly after I won the title, I was certified as a personal trainer and a sports nutritionist and I started a few classes and continued to share my journey online.

“I am a person who is very passionate about my country and my culture, so my aim was to merge my background and my mission together.”
Hence the creation of Kamp Kamila. The success of the KK brand is incredible, and appearances and seminars across the States have done wonders for its growth.

“We are waking up a consciousness within people to live better, live healthier and progress,” she states.

“My job is to inspire – to help you to overcome your problems.”

HAPPY AND HEALTHY: Kamila McDonald has worked to overcome her own problems, and now inspires a generation with her story

This is where the book comes in. ‘Wake Up And Live’ is written in a way that you can under- stand how achievable the results are.

“I wanted to write this heavy information in a fun way. We only have one body, so we need to ensure we look after it the best way possible,” she says.

She comes from a hugely creative family, with her siblings being acclaimed roots artists, Kelissa and Keznamdi.

“We have to be responsible as parents to ensure that our children are eating and acting properly for their wellbeing,” she says. She is a parent herself, with a young daughter.

“Last week there was an event which encouraged Jamai- cans to buy local in the run-up to Christmas, and I had a stand there to promote the book.
“It was a joy to be able to take my daughter there and for her to see that the reason I had been so busy (writing the book) had an end result. She was proudly handing out the flyers to pro- mote my booth.”

It’s obvious that family is very important to Kamila.

“My mother is a big role model to me, and I always said to myself that I wanted to be as much of a role model to my kids as she is to me,” she tells me.

She is now a certified role model to many more supporters around the world.

‘Wake Up And Live’ is by Kamila McDonald and available online at

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