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Brummie woman pens poem for Usain Bolt


STORYTELLER AND comic Ita Gooden predicted Usain’s Bolt legendary run into the history books in a poem she has just written for her Olympic hero.

She was chosen from scores of poets across the UK to become one of The 12 Poets of 2012 who joined forces to write a poem for the Olympics called ‘Breathe.’

It is now showcased in the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London and read daily by thousands of visitors.

“When I wrote the poem for Usain we had no idea of the outcome of the 100m final, but I’m over the moon that what I wrote about him has all come true,” said Gooden from Birmingham.

The qualified nurse and midwife also performs poetry on stage under the name of Miss Culture Jam.

Gooden starred in the Jamaican cultural extravaganza recently at Symphony Hall. It included a salute to the Jamaican athletes who trained in the city.

She has also written a poem for the team called JAH – Jamaican Athletic Heroes.

Her poem for Bolt, which she hopes he will eventually read for himself, is called ‘The Explosion:’

Read it below:

For a perfect start to the fastest finish,
Speed of lightning cannot diminish
Like a tornado in its wrath
Demolishing everything in its path
Records will be torn apart.
You are the erupted volcano
With adrenaline flowing
And pumping like molten lava
Burning the tracks
Of the great Olympiad drama.
Imagine the explosion
You are the explosion.

Run Usain Run!

From a fidgeting boy to the fastest man
A living legend to be
Yes you can!
For the long walks to school
the hard work to fame
sprinting is cool
it is your game.
Mental and physical agility
Roaring like the tempest
Mind and body is put to the ultimate test.
You are the fastest man on the planet
spectators eyes drawn to you like a magnet
crouched upon the starting block
in your vision the imaginary clock

For years of hardship and sacrifice
give thanks for food, oh so nice!
nutritious and delicious
exciting and enticing
dumplin and chicken
real finger lickin
yam and banana
not forgetting the cassava
cornmeal pudding. Milo and bush tea
cleansing and detoxing
like the Jamaican sea.
Your Jamaican cultural cuisine
Is fit for any King or Queen.
Imagine the explosion
Believe the explosion
You are explosion

Run Usain Run!

HOME PRIDE: Ita Gooden shows her colours. Photo credit: Keisha Thompson

For family tradition
like speaking to your mother
before a race
is a unique value to embrace.
The Dynamic, charismatic persona
you possess
is all part of your success.
The showman and the sprinter
a marriage into which
not many can enter
like a phoenix you will rise
and claim your golden Olympic prize.

Run Usain Run

JAMAICA FANS: Eager spectators cheering Bolt and the rest of the Jamaican Athletes at Jamaica House, the North Greenwich Arena in London. Photo credit:Bart Chan

You are the athlete fit and strong
the pinnacle is where you belong
with your six foot five inch frame
genetics has played a part in your game.
for your coveted Jamaican roots
with a body packed with ancestral fast genes
believe you are the philosophy for working hard
running fast, staying clean
you are that clean machine.
imagine the explosion
feel the explosion
you are the explosion.

Run Usain Run!

For the accolade and the adulation
the celebration and jubilation
you witnessed from Jamaicans
following your success in Beijing,
the goose pimples you experienced
let the challenge begin.
Across the globe
millions rose
to your showman lightning pose
for Jamaicans all over the globe.

Run Usain Run!

You have the energy
you have the drive
as for the perfection you strive.
Your body in pursuit of excellence
your mind an instrument of dominance
be it in your heart to cling
To the memory of your greatness in Beijing
a catalyst for London twenty twelve
as in your power house you delve.
Feel the explosion
experience the explosion
you are the explosion

Run Usain Run!

For the unmissable mark
you have made in the world
the story of a Jamaican living legend will be told
to the masses young and old.
You are the enigma and embodiment of spirit
the awesome track and field blue print.
with speed faster than sound
medals on your mind
you are gold bound.
Body bounding like a gazelle
the world is under your spell
a legend you were born to be
under the sun of an island so free
you are that living legend.

Run Usain Run!

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