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"Buggery is a moral issue and not a criminal one"

CONTRAVERSIAL: Reverend Dr. Garnett Roper (image credit: 'The Gleaner')

A MAJOR figure within the church has come out in support of the removal of buggery from the law books of Jamaica.

President of the Jamaica Theological Seminary, Reverend Dr. Garnett Roper, speaking on the Independent Talk radio show this morning, argued that the issue of buggery is a moral issue and not a criminal one. As reported yesterday in The Sunday Gleaner, the head of the Anglican Church in Jamaica and The Cayman Islands, Bishop Howard Gregory, broke ranks with many of his Christian colleagues and urged the Parliamentary Committee examining the Sexual Offences Act and related laws to recommend that buggery be removed from the law books.

While pointing out that the position was a personal one, Bishop Gregory said the state should not waste time with a referendum. The clergyman also said Christians should be careful not to believe that they should be the gatekeepers of the law against buggery to prevent the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Roper agreed with Bishop Gregory and says such a view by Christians is misplaced, whilst pointing to the difference in how the rape a woman and the rape a man are treated. Roper went on to say both acts are equally egregious and the law should be amended to reflect the seriousness of the crime in both instances.

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