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The business of being black

TALENT: Bushkin

YOU MAY have seen the name Bush Bash Recordings flying about for a while now but the brains behind the record label Buskin, has told Life and Style that things are about to get serious.

Officially launching this week, Bush Bash Recordings are set to unveil their first major artists on the label in the form of S.I.P.

A classically trained pianist, S.I.P, 23, said he has been waiting in the wings for his opportunity for a while and now its here, he won’t be wasting any time.

“I’m a producer, artist, engineer and musician and I’ve been mastering my craft,” S.I.P exclaims confidently.

He said: “Bushkin is family and I’ve always sent him stuff to listen to and critique since I was 17 or 18-years-old. He’s always given me encouragement and gave me opportunities to become better at what I do.

“He’s helped me hone my craft and it’s got to the stage where we are now ready to push our radio ready music.”

Bushkin, 36, is better known for being one third of musical trio Heartless Crew.

However, the entrepreneur says he’s been building Bush Bash Recordings behind the scenes.

“I’ve had the official studio for about five years but behind the scenes we’ve been getting the product right, nurturing artists and building that side of the business,” he enthused.

He added: “No we have good music we are ready to launch out in the world. SIP is an artists first and foremost. He can sing, rap and produce and engineer for other people but our first priority is to roll him out as a Bush Bash Recordings artist.

“I think people will be excited and refreshed by what he brings, I’d call it a new age RnB style with an old skool twist.”

Label manager Darren Watson, told Life and Style that S.I.P was the perfect person to represent the direction in which he would like to see the organisation head.

“When Bush and I sat down to talk about this project he said he wanted to build a million dollar company and that resonated with me,” said Watson.

He added: “Although I’ve worked with Bush on other projects I’ve been involved with this one since the back end of last year and everyone is determined to bring the best music we can. We’re all on the same page and I can’t wait to see how the public take to S.I.P, the guy is a real talent.”

S.I.P was taken on by the entrepreneur

Bush Bash Recordings could have positioned themselves as just another record label out to unearth the next musical star but the collective believe it is important that people know them for being a company that champions black people.

S.I.P said: “As Bush described, my own sound is alternative RnB with popular black influences, that’s what were trying to record. You’ll hear bits of reggae, bits of dancehall, bits of Jungle and bits of every music genre that represents our culture, coming from Darren’s Bush’s and my generation.”

Bushkin added: “I don’t know of any record labels that are actively calling themselves a black indepedent record label and by default we are black, so it isn’t an innacurate statement.”

Watson said: I think there are Urban record labels but not any that specifically say they are black.

“We are not saying that we don’t engage with anybody or anything unless their black, lets make that clear, we’re not alienating oursleves. But we are celebrating the fact that we are a record label that happen to be black.

“We’d like to see ourselves as standing up for black people with all of our experience in this industry and being proud about the fact we are black. “

Bushkin concluded: “I’ve got a passion, a burning desire for change, that is my whole reason for getting into music and I know music is a very powerful tool, it’s a universal language.

“The first change I would like to hep bring about is lifting black people up, making us be proud of ourselves and giving us that sense of worth because a lot of the times we are portrayed in the media as a negative contributor to society.

“I want to put a totally different and new spin on the word black. The ethos for the label is bringing love, happiness and unity to all through the power of music. I want for when people hear the word black to think of love, to think of happiness and unity. Right now that’s not what happens.”

S.I.P’s new musical offering comes in the form of Netflix and Chill and it’s a track which falls in line with the companies vision statement. The track was released earlier this week and Bush bash Recordings have an official label launch this week.

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