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Business logos 101: The power of presentation

BRANDING: There is simply no room for second-best branding in this day and age (Photo credit: iStock)

IF YOU were to walk into a bookstore, what novels would immediately attract your attention? Would you spend time perusing endless volumes of plain covers or would you instead gravitate towards a book that offered eye-catching and interesting graphics? In the world of online marketing, this question is just as applicable.

When we consider the fact that thousands of different products are entering into the digital community every month, the power of a bespoke logo is undeniable. In order to fully understand the positive impacts associated with branding, it is necessary to examine the key visual and psychological benefits that a proper logo exhibits. You can then take these metrics into account when formatting your own presentation.

A trustworthy level of representation

In the modern world of logo design, the concept of one size fits all is no longer applicable. Cookie-cutter styles and designs will only serve to place you at the bottom of the heap in regards to your competitors.

So, the first rule of thumb is that any logo should graphically represent the core values of the company. For example, businesses associated with finance will generally use bold fonts and imagery that echo a sense of rock-solid reliability.

On the contrary, a company specialising in the production of organic foods may choose to employ earthy tones and a more flowing font. The key takeaway point is that any logo will need to silently illustrate what makes the firm unique and why potential customers should take a closer look. Fostering this sense of trust is a crucial step during the initial engagement process.

Consistency across the (virtual) boards

Not only must a logo be easily recognisable, but it needs to be displayed correctly regardless of what type of device is accessing a website. If a design is not able to graphically accommodate users with mobile phones, any notion of consistency is broken.

This will reflect negatively upon the company and it could even cause a sale to be sacrificed. After all, how reliable is the product or service being offered if the logo is faulty in its own right?

Marketing specialists and business owners need to leverage the power of modern logo creation systems such as the platform offered by Shopify. No prior design experience is required and yet, the end results will mimic those associated with a high-end multinational organisation.

Not only is this logo able to be embedded directly within a website, but it will display uniformly regardless of what device is being used. It should therefore come as no surprise that this very same concept of consistency has been employed by large companies such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft for decades. Evergreen logo templates provide a sense of stability that is often lacking within the virtual world.

The processes of designing a logo can be tricky, but the core concepts behind the power of this image are easy to appreciate. There is simply no room for second-best branding in this day and age.

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