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Bwoy Wonder on his love for Lego, kidswear line and more

CREATIVE: Bwoy Wonder at London Fashion Week

HELLO SPRING! I’ve gotta stop for a moment and appreciate the beautiful weather we’ve been having recently. It made half-term with the kids that much better, especially at this time of the year too!

On the theme of beautiful... London Fashion Week (LFW) was also the talk of the city. Now I’m not gonna claim to know tons about LFW and the latest fashion trends but it got me talking with an old time friend and expert Bwoy Wonder, who many of you might recognise from his iconic Lego creations and creative inspiration to TFL recently.

Bwoy Wonder aka the Legoman as I’d often call him has been actively involved in a number of creative campaigns and has a new collection out soon! Not to mention he’s had the likes of major music moguls such as Diddy and Will.I.Am wearing his designs.

One project he advocates and drives was established in 2012 under its parent brand "Fashion Meets Music", FMM POP UP is a social enterprise dedicated to engage and inspire the community through fashion, music, art and entertainment. They work very closely with a number of independent brands, helping them to excel by offering support, education, and space to showcase their designs in their store, thus testing their products with the general public. These products include jewellery, home accessories, and clothing, to name a few.

Aside from this, their current pop-up store in Croydon Mall houses a full-length runway, which doubles as a stage for emerging musicians and performers to get an opportunity to perform, garner new fans and, most importantly, strengthen their confidence in their talent.

So I asked Bwoy Wonder to share more on his his future plans, his inspirational journey so far, check it out below:

Q: Who is Bwoy Wonder?
A: Bwoy Wonder is a Lego loving artist, forward-thinking creative director and designer.

I run a clothing line which has had a very successful two years. I am a Lego artist using my medium to create street art on London Underground tube stations.

I was the first to create the Gareth Southgate tube station name change in Lego form.

My Lego artwork has been worn by the likes of Kenya West, Pharrell Williams, Will.I.Am, Cara Delevingne, Diddy and many A list fashionistas.

FUN FASHION: Bwoy Wonder's "New Kids On The Blocks" children's clothing collection

I have recently included a children's clothing line to my resume which uses Lego bricks in the garments and am part of a collective that runs a social enterprise called Fashion Meets Music. The brand is known as FMM POP UP, which showcases independent fashion brands and musicians in a retail pop-up environment.

Q: What and who inspired your journey?
A: My dad definitely inspired my journey. He raised four children on his own, which to me shows [resilience] and dedication. He also introduced me to Lego bricks as a child!

Q: What’s been the major milestones/achievements for you?
A: My major milestone for me was being the 2014 winner of Metro newspaper and IPA run Creative Heads Challenge. It was a national design competition which asked competitors to incorporate design and advertising to a given brief. My Lego masks impressed the judges. This allowed me to delve into working with many other corporates and have my work to be recognised to a much wider audience.

Q: What advice would you give aspiring creatives and potential fashion designers?
A: Be consistent. If you really have a passion for your craft, you won't let anything stop you from achieving goals in your chosen field. There will be many obstacles that could potentially halt your progress but as with all obstructions, you can either go around them, or knock them down.

Q: When’s your next collection coming out?
A: My next collection is out this spring which will be our spring/summer collection for our "New Kids On The Blocks" kids' clothing range! We've incorporated toy bricks on the garments so the child can play in them and with them!

PICTURED: Fashion Meets Music pop-up store Croydon

Q: Can you share any upcoming plans you have?
A: I will be working with a corporate company to create artwork for 2020 as well as continuing to showcase new up and coming brands in our store, FMM POP UP

Q: Where can we find you? And purchase your line?
A: Social @Bwoywonder, online store and for the kids range it's

Visit our physical pop-up store at FMM POP UP Unit 63, 21 North End (inside Centrale Croydon Mall).

Find out more, visit the shop or get involved!

Insta: @fmmpopup

Twitter: @fmmpopup

FB: Fashion Meets Music Pop Up

Liz for enquiries.

Additional contributions by Steph D’Sa

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