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Camilla Beeput takes on Lena Horne in one-woman show

STAR APPEAL: Camilla Beeput

SINGER AND ACTRESS Camilla Beeput will celebrate the life of and music of Lena Horne, one of the most significant African-American figures in 20th century entertainment, when she returns to the London stage for five nights in November as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

Supported by a five-piece band – Alex Webb (MD & piano), Miles Danso (double bass),Cheryl Alleyne (drums), Erica Charles (tenor sax, clarinet, flute) and Sue Richardson(trumpet), Beeput will transport audiences back to 1920s Harlem, the Golden Age of Hollywood, through to WWII and the Civil Rights Movement, all culminating in Horne’s ultimate triumph on Broadway with the 1981 Tony Award Winning Show Lena – The Lady and her Music.   

Speaking to The Voice Beeput said: “I feel very privilege to be taking on the role of Lena Horne. She's iconic and was a trailblazer and I feel her story isn't as widely known as it could be.

“There’s a great sense of responsibility I feel, to be able to bring her story to an audience that may not know as much about her as I discovered during the journey of researching her life.”

The 37-year-old actress has always had an interest in theatre. Growing up in north-west London, Beeput was heavily inspired by music and theatre from a young age. “I was very much into music, film and musical theatre. M career began on BBC’s Fame Academy, and off the back of that, I was spotted by a director who was working on West Side Story,” she recalls.

“I auditioned for the role of Maria and that’s where I got my start in the industry.”

Beeput’s career spans from both stage and screen, from starring in critically acclaimed Sky Atlantic show Save Me to this very one woman show, where she gets to use her various talents to share with the audience.

“This is unlike anything i've ever done and theres something very empowering about leading an audience on a journey and it's an incredible sense of achievement and fulfilment for me,” she enthused.

“I get to act, sing, dance and marry all the skills I have.”

Taking on the role of the legendary Lena Horne has resulted in quite the experience for Beeput, as she learnt a lot about the star that she didn’t know before.

“I learnt that at one point she was a single mother who had to leave one of her children behind while she went to pursue her career and make money. She had no money after the divorce and I thought that showed incredible strength and character,’ she said.

“There’s so much to Lena’s story that one of the challenges was deciding what to leave out when you’re talking about a person with such a rich life. You can’t tell it all on stage so we had to cherry-cherry-pick what to talk about in her life.”

This selective process has allowed for an electrifying show which perfectly showcases Beeput’s talent and Lena Horne’s legacy like never seen before.

“The audience should expect to be taken on an emotional journey, to be entertained and to join with me in celebration of a great woman’s life, who was very important in breaking racial barriers in the world of entertainment.”

Tickets to see Lena – The Lady and her Music are on sale now and can be purchased via

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