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MUST-SEE: 'Blacks Can't Swim'

CENTERING ON character Frank Awuah, a man who has developed an acute phobia with water, Blacks Can’t Swim is the latest film from Kush Promotions challenging myths and perceptions pertaining to the BME community in the UK.

Played by actor Ed Accura, who conceptualised the film due to his own deep water phobia and lack of swimming abilities, Frank’s anxiety in the film is brought on after watching an upsetting TV news report warning of impending bad weather and flooding which leads to the farcical situation of him buying a life jacket which he decides to wear everywhere he goes.

The film combines drama with real-life interview footage of various members of the black community voicing their thoughts on the subject of black people not being able to swim.

Working in tandem with the British swimming coaching organisation Swimming Nature, Kush Promotions bring to light an area of discussion within the black community that rarely gets a second mention.

National statistics support that facts that black people are not swimming, learning to swim or consider time in the pool to be a priority.

“The objective is to raise awareness around the high percentage of people of black origin that fit in this category,” a spokesperson for Blacks Can’t Swim said.

“There clearly must be a reason behind the disproportionate odds. A Film Called Blacks Can't Swim highlights some of the most popular myths behind this. Is it a cultural or physical thing?”

The film Blacks Can't Swim is been supported by British swimming coaching organisation Swimming Nature and has its World Premiere on February 1, 2019 in Soho, London.

Watch the trailer below:

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