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Canada legalises cannabis

LEGAL: The senate voted to legalise the drug on Tuesday

CANNABIS WILL become legal in Canada after the senate voted in favour of passing the Cannabis Act.

The decision will make it the second country in the world to completely legalise the drug for medicinal and recreational use.

Senator Tony Dean said: “We’ve just witnessed a very historic vote that ends 90 years of prohibition.

“It ends 90 years of needless criminalisation, it ends a prohibition model that inhibited and discouraged public health and community health in favour of just-say-no approaches that simply failed young people miserably.”

The legislation could mean that Cannabis is available to be bought and sold for recreational purposes in the next two or three months.

The exact start date from which cannabis will be sold will be decided by the federal government, but provinces and territories – who have jurisdiction over how the drug will be sold – will have around 12 weeks to prepare for its sale.

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, expressed his support for the passing of the legislation on Twitter. He wrote: “It’s been too easy for our kids to get marijuana - and for criminals to reap the profits...Today, we change that.”

Canada’s upper chamber voted 52 to 29 on Tuesday to make marijuana completely legal for medicinal and recreational use.

Some of the politicians against legalisation shared their thoughts on the result of the vote.

Leo Housakos, a conservative senator, said: “When you normalise the use of marijuana and you’re a young person and you had certain reservations because of the simple fact that it was illegal, there’s, I believe, a propensity to have somebody be more inclined to use it.”

The minimum age of use will be between 18 and 19 years.

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