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Car of the week: Ford Fiesta Vignale Ecoboost

Car of the Week: Ford Fiesta 1.0i Vignale Ecoboost 140ps 6sp Price: £22,290 (as tested)

SOME OF you may be aware that the Fiesta (the first car I could call my own) has a special place in my heart. So a week’s evaluation of the super special Ford Fiesta Vignale was always going to be emotional.

The Ford Fiesta Vignale is the posh, top-of-the-range model that comes packed with tech and kit and covered in chrome.

There’s a Bang & Olufsen sound system, eight-inch touchscreen, cruise control, rear view camera and parking sensors to confirm that the Vignale is the standout version of a car that has enthralled the United Kingdom for three decades.

On the road, the Vignale keeps you moving around town more than adequately with its punchy 1.0-litre 138bhp EcoBoost engine.

It’s nippy around town, no question. On occasion I could have done with a tad more power but that flaw wasn’t fatal.

INSIDE: The interior storage impresses

Sadly during my week’s evaluation I was unable to take it onto the open road but good judges tell me that it doesn’t feel remotely strained with four adults on board driving at 70mph on the motorway.

The popular Fiesta has always enjoyed a reputation for being the best handling supermini on sale, and potential buyers will be pleased to hear that this remains the case for this top end model.

While the interior of the standard Fiesta is hugely improved over its (almost woeful) predecessor, the Vignale could comfortably lose the Ford badges and compete with a German offering.

If you look very closely you’ll find the odd reminder that you’re in a Fiesta – the plastic on the door panels is a little hard, for example, while the switchgear is unmistakeably Ford.

This doesn’t detract from the overall sense that you’re driving a premium product, however.

In terms of practicality, previous generations have been criticised for their limited interior space, particularly for those in the back.

Fortunately, the latest Fiesta represents a big improvement in interior room, making it a truly family-friendly supermini. It’s comfy, light and airy inside, while the five-door model gets wide-opening rear doors that make access to the rear seats easy.

Interior storage impresses, too – the glovebox is claimed to have grown by 20 per cent and has a separate slot for the manual and car documents. There’s also a one-litre storage bin in the centre console while each of the rear doors can house a half-litre drinks bottle, too!

Your only gripe in regards the Fiesta Vignale is only likely to surround the price but for me the love affair continues.

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