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Car of the week: The lion in Leon

The Wheel Deal: Seat Leon 5dr FR Technology 1.4 Eco TSI 150PS 7-speed DSG Price: £25,295 (as tested)

I CAN’T lie, it’s been over a week since they took my Seat Leon 5dr FR Technology 1.4 Eco TSI 150PS 7-speed DSG and I’m not sure I’m over it.

It was 48 hours after they had delivered my Mystery Blue Seat for the week that I realised I had subconsciously named it Zippy. We never managed to visit the 134 mph top speed for legal reasons but trust me you can have fun within the 70mph limit all the same.

Zero to 60mph in eight seconds doesn’t sound too rapid but believe me, the car has zip when you need it.

There were so many favourable aspects to this Seat that it was difficult to understand why I had never driven one before.

Two adults, two kids under the ages of six years-old? No problem, there’s room for everyone. Got plenty of miles to do but don’t want to spend the earth on petrol, this car is for you, I did 200 miles in a week and didn’t empty the tank.

The best bit though, was the DSG gearbox. Fluid, clunk-free, beautiful transitions whatever mode you choose to use it in. It was a joy. When I did a little research on this alternative to a Ford Focus, I was surprised to learn it had won car of the year.

INTERIOR: The model features a comfy cloth furnishing and minimalist dashboard design

As well as the drive, the Techny Black Cloth interior was comfy, the minimalist dashboard design is just what the doctor ordered and the steering wheel makes you feel like you are a racing driver with the paddle shifts superbly positioned. At night there is a blue light that illuminates the doors at the front, it’s the kind of finishing touch that makes you think that the manufacturer cared about who was driving it.

In the style stakes there isn’t much in the category that makes the car feel inferior, in fact for the price, this may well be the best option of the lot available. It’s that good.

If there was one downside, as much as this car is a Lion in all aspects, it doesn’t corner well at high speed, there’s duress, it’s the only time the motor is unwilling. For the most part though, I’d encourage everyone to buy one.

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