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Car of the week: Mazda CX-5

VROOM: Price range: £23,995 - £33,395

WHEN YOU drive as many cars as I do it would easy to clump many of them altogether in terms of ride and overall quality. It is amazing how many you do actually remember and the latest reincarnation of the Mazda CX-5 is one that sticks in the memory. It’s a wonderful drive, looks the part and is competitively priced.

First things first. The way the CX-5 drives is one of its strongest suits. It’s a long, wide and heavy car, so there’s a huge amount of momentum for its steering, suspension and brakes to keep under control.

This Sports Utiiity Vehicle (SUV) responds positively every time you ask it a question. The steering is accurate and satisfyingly weighty and there’s lots of grip from the tyres, so fast corners can be taken with confidence. There are two trim levels to choose from in the shape of the SE-L Nav and Sport Nav. You get loads of kit, including cruise control, climate control, front and rear
parking sensors, automatic light and wipers, LED headlights and plenty of infotainment kit.

The Sport Nav trim is worth a look if you love your luxuries; it isn’t hideously priced and gets you fully electric leather seats (heated in the front), keyless entry, a powered tailgate and a head-up display.

What I like about this particular Mazda is that it ticks a box should you be a single and do lots of driving on your own but should you have a family, and need to lug loads, it also works. Space in the front of the CX-5 is comparable with that in most rivals.

There’s enough head and leg room for tall adults to sit comfortably. There are long, deep storage pockets in both front doors, and a large cubbyhole at the bottom of the dashboard is perfect for taking a mobile phone or a set of keys.

The glovebox is also user-friendly and the cupholders are more than adequate. Storage cubbies dotted around the cabin should also come in handy for families on the go, and tech-focused children will appreciate the two USB ports.

The Mazda has to be on your shortlist if you are in the market for a SUV. It is engaging to drive, well equipped while sexy and subtle at the same time. Definitely worth parting with your hard earned money.

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