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Car of the week: Volkswagen's work of art

Car of the Week: Volkswagen Arteon Elegance 2.0-litre TDI 150 PS 7spd DSG Price: £40,075 (as tested)

DESPITE WELL over a decade test driving cars, there is the occasional vehicle that takes you by pleasant surprise. Step up the new Volkswagen Arteon.

The good-looking Arteon is a new model for VW, sitting above the globally successful Passat in the comprehensive Volkswagen range. An avantgarde gran turismo: the Arteon combines sporty styling with luxury motoring in a muscular yet elegant design.

The technology in the Arteon is outrageous! Numerous advanced systems make their debut in this sleek cruiser. For example a new generation of Adaptive Cruise Control uses GPS-based road data to ‘see’ speed limits, and will adjust the car’s speed as appropriate.

Meanwhile a Predictive Cruise Control feature uses Road Recognition route data from the navigation system to recognise its position and, within system limits, adjust the car’s speed on approaching bends, roundabouts and junctions.

And as if that was not enough, Dynamic Light Assist, GPS technology enables the Arteon’s LED headlights to turn into a bend before the driver has steered into the approaching corner.

ELEGANCE: Inside the Volkswagen Arteon

Emergency Assist has evolved, too. Now including Emergency Lane Change Assist it means that if the driver becomes incapacitated for health reasons, the system not only slows the car down and fl ashes the hazard lights but also steers it into the slow lane.

As for the drive, the Arteon more than holds its own. I had an Audi S5 recently, which is related to the Arteon, and the new VW offering did itself justice. Just to convince me that the Arteon was was worth considering as a purchase, my test drive was boosted by a plethora of options.

Among the comprehensive list was area view and rear-view camera – front rear and side cameras to provide a 360-degree exterior view of vehicle displayed in infotainment screen (£765), acoustic pack – sound insulating laminated safety glass in front side windows, light-absorbing glass in rear side windows and rear windscreen, and additional interior noise suppression (£535) front seats with electric 12-way adjustment-heated and air conditioned front seats with 12-way adjustment, lumbar support and massage function including comfort entry/exit function. Position memory for driver’s seat and door mirror (£1,045).

Add the fact that my Arteon came in my favourite, Atlantic Blue metallic, and I was more than happy during my week’s evaluation. VW might just have landed itself a winner with the new Arteon.

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