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Car of the Week: Volvo V60 Polestar

CAR OF THE WEEK: Volvo V60 Polestar Price: £49,910 (as tested)

Wow! That was the only adjective I could use when the Volvo V60 Polestar arrived. It’s a truly stunning set of wheels. Yes, stunning. It’s not a word generally associated with the brand but the manufacturer has discarded a once conservative image and is now challenging the Germans who lead the way in car building.

I’ve got less than 500 words to eulogize about the Polestar, so just where do I start?

To clear things up, this unassuming Volvo hatchback is expensive but fun at the same time. It is sized toward the small end of the mid-size class, which has been given a performance makeover by Volvo’s in-house tuning arm, Polestar.

Even the car-literate person could miss the special 20-inch wheels, rubber-band-thin performance tires, and tiny blue Polestar badge in the grille. Understated is what the V60 Polestar does best.

Inside the spacious and salubrious cockpit, the V60 Polestar comes with heated sport seats with black leather and blue stitching.

A STAR IN POLE POSITION: the V60 Polestar comes with heated sport seats with black leather and blue stitching

The same colour combo can be found on the sexy auto gearshift, centre console and steering wheel.

There are toys aplenty. You also get plenty of features, including standard sat-nav and a DAB radio. There’s also Volvo On Call, an app that lets you operate certain functions from your smartphone – for example, to remotely preheat or cool the interior, or send an address to the sat-nav. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring are available as an option.

It drives great, too! The twin-charged engine is smooth and powerful. The supercharger does a great job of filling in power until the turbo reels up. It provides some nice whine, too which is understandable as it gets to 60mph in under 5 seconds. This powerful Volvo punches above its weight; the 2.0-litre sings a smooth song. It’s just loud enough to give you the feel of driving a supercar without it being too loud. The eight-speed pops off upshifts with crisp confidence.

My evaluation car came in blue and on a bright sunny day caught the attention of fellow road users.

The V60 Polestar is powered by a supercharged engine which sends power to all four wheels through a slick eight- speed automatic. On the safety front there are no issues, this is a Volvo after all. IKEA, Volvo and super group ABBA vie as Sweden’s number one brand, and if the car manufacturer continue to build class motors such as the Volvo – you know who’ll get my vote!

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