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Cardi B: '#MeToo won't change anything for women in hip hop'


RAPPER CARDI B has spoken out against the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, saying she doesn't think women in hip-hop will reap the benefits of it.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan US the Brox native said: “A lot of video vixens (females in hip-hop videos) have spoke about this and nobody gives a f**k. When I was trying to be a vixen, people were like, ‘You want to be on the cover of this magazine?’ Then they pull their d**ks out. I bet if one of these women stands up and talks about it, people are going to say, ‘So what? You’re a h*. It don’t matter.’”

The rapper also shared her cynicism towards some of the men who are publicly voicing their support for the campaigns.

"These producers and directors, they're not woke (socially aware), they're scared," she insisted.

Both #MeToo and Time’s Up were created in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations levelled at numerous powerful men in Hollywood, in particular Harvey Weinstein.

The music world has also embraced the anti-sexual harassment movements, and while 25-year-old Cardi is pleased to see the topic being discussed, she isn’t convinced the message will filter through to hip-hop stars.

The star also opened up about her success in music, which includes receiving two Grammy nominations and a number one spot in the U.S. charts for her 5x platinum single Bodak Yellow.

“Having a number one song makes me happy—but working for it makes me really happy,” she smiled. “I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful, but it’s exhausting. I love my career now, but it’s like my spirit was happier before. When I was dancing, I had so much fun. I felt powerful in the club. I felt free.

“If I change myself, then I’m going to lose myself, and I won’t be who makes me happy.”

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