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Carer left elderly woman with dementia on floor for two days

WILFUL NEGLECT: The elderly woman was treated for hypothermia following the incident

A CARE worker who was responsible for looking after an elderly woman with dementia left her lying on the ground for two days with a slipper for a pillow, it has been reported.

The woman in Lena Hakurotwi’s care was found by her granddaughter on the bedroom floor of her home in West Yorkshire.

The victim who was “shaking and cold” was treated for hypothermia after she spent two days lying on the floor with just a folded slipper for a pillow, Metro reported.

Hakurotwi was told by Judge Andrew Meachin that the elderly woman could have died if her granddaughter had not called 999.

She pleaded guilty to one count of wilful neglect of an individual and said she “just panicked” when she could not move the woman from the floor to her bed.

Hakurotwi was given a 26-week jail sentence suspended for a year and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

She was also given a six-week daily curfew between 8pm and 8am and ordered to pay £85 costs and victim surcharge of £115, Metro reported.

Judge Meachin criticised Nationwide Care Services, Hakurotwi’s employer at the time of the incident in December 2017, or not providing her with adequate training.

The 22-year-old was given five days training and shadowed a colleague for 20 hours before being tasked with conducting home visits alone.

Responding to the judge’s comments, Hamait Ali, the director of the company, which had been rated “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission 18 months ago, said: “I don't understand what the judge has said here because as a result of this case we passed both CQC and police scrutiny and we are now recognised as a good provider.”

In a statement, the daughter of the victim told the court that Hakurotwi’s actions had been “intentionally cruel”.

She said: “I still can’t imagine that many people would need much training to seek assistance for a frail elderly person who has clearly fallen on to the floor.

“A five-year-old would have called 999. To visit three times and not seek help, leaving food out of reach, is intentionally cruel and spiteful in my eyes, trained or not.

“Why didn’t she at least give mum a blanket?”

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